Barack Obama Stopped To Eat At A Taco Restaurant And The Place Went Crazy [Video]

Then-U.S. President Barack Obama waves to reporters after returning to the White House on board Marine One September 3, 2015 in Washington, DC.
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Former President Barack Obama has been busy hitting the campaign trail for Democratic candidates ahead of the midterm elections on Tuesday. Over the weekend, the former president was in Florida to support the state’s Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum and Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson when he stopped to eat Mexican food at Coyo Taco in Miami, the Miami Herald reports.

He probably wasn’t expecting the treatment he received. In a video shared to the Now This Twitter account, patrons can be seen filming Obama through the taco shop’s window as the former president gets out of a silver Chevy Suburban onto Northwest Second Avenue around 3:45 p.m., according to The Herald.

“It’s Barack Obama!” one woman exclaims as people in the background begin screaming.

The video continues to show Obama as approaches the entrance door as people continue to scream inside, in a rock-star deserving welcome.

“Alright guys, where’s my tacos?” Obama says after making his grand entrance.

Obama then starts to make his round around the restaurant to shake hands with the patrons and pose for photos to the sounds of “Oh my God! What?!” and more screaming in the background.

“I want everybody to vote!” Obama says to the cheering crowd, who goes even more wild.

The staff at Coyo Taco expressed their excitement over Obama’s visit in an Instagram post.

“This is what United States is all about, hard-working immigrants and children of immigrants making their dreams come true…..this group of immigrants will always love you!!” the caption reads.

Those who were present on Saturday quickly began sharing evidence of their encounter with the former president. One of those was Evan Schlecker, a Morgan Group employee who stopped at Coyo for lunch and got to share a tortilla chip with Obama, who even dipped it in Schlecker’s guacamole as he waited for his order, as reported by The Herald. They posed for a selfie, guacamole still firmly on the chip before Obama downed it.

According to The Herald, Obama ordered Cochinita Pibil, Pollo al Carbon, Camaron, Guacamole, and Esquite to share with the crowd. For Gillum, who was accompanying him, Obama bought a bottle of Coca-Cola. It is unclear how much the bill was, but the report says Obama left a $40 tip.

In another cute encounter, Obama stopped to chat with Katarina Morgan as he made his way down the counter, and promptly gave her a hug after she told him she was in Miami from Myrtle Beach on her bachelorette party.

“Congratulations. You’ll make a beautiful bride,” Obama told Morgan.