Wayki Toothbrush Combines Good Oral Hygiene With Alarm Clock

Tech firm startup Wayki has come up with a unique way to promote oral hygiene. The company has created a toothbrush that combines itself with an alarm clock.

The alarm on the toothbrush can’t be snoozed. Instead, the user places the Wayki brush into its alarm block base station, at which time a two-minute brush timer is triggered.

Wayki says it avoids a sleep timer because studies have shown that delaying the wake up process can lead to bad sleep cycles and lower productivity throughout the day.

The tooth brush was designed by Dave Hawkins after he had a hard time waking up himself. In an interview with TechCrunch, Hawkins explains:

“I’ll often find myself tapping the snooze button, regret it later, and in a sudden hurry forget to clean my teeth before staring at my screen for the rest of the day. Even when I remember, I’ll be too impatient to wait for the full 2 minutes.”

Hawkins adds:

“I think the best products do the thinking for you, and with brushing being a chore I realized that the most efficient approach was going to be removing the decision-making process from the equation. “Mental weight is a bigger challenge than physical weight. It’s far less apparent that the weight is even there.”

The Wayki toothbrush and alarm clock is not yet available. The company is using Selfstarter to crowdsource the $80,000 they need to get off the ground.

Potential buyers can expect to pay a rather hefty $77 for the toothbrush, which will ship in three to five months.

Wayki is looking to start with UK customers and then expand as interest dictates.

Here is a video that explains the Wayki toothbrush: