‘Sports Illustrated’ Model, Ashley Graham, Flaunts Her Curvaceous Figure In Cardinal Red Lingerie

Carlos AlvarezGetty Images

When it comes to combining sexiness with confidence, no one can beat Ashley Graham. The 31-year-old Sports Illustrated sensation recently posted a picture on Instagram where she donned a set of cardinal red lingerie that accentuated her voluptuous figure.

She flaunted a lace bra that showcased her enviable cleavage and sent pulses racing as the picture in question amassed 145,730 likes and close to 600 comments.

“Body goals, tummy goals, skin tone goals,” one fan commented on the picture. While a female fan wrote that she has gained 100 percent confidence in her body only because of Ashley Graham.

“Perfect body. You are Perfect,” another fan wrote on the picture. And a follower — who also inspires to be a model — commented on Ashley’s picture and said that she looks up to Ashley Graham.

“You’re an inspiration to me, Ashley. I’m trying a model career and I know how much hard is for a person who’s not in the ‘pattern’. You inspire me to not give up.”

Although most of her fans admired Ashley for her sexiness and good looks, there were a few bitter comments on her picture too. That’s because many people noticed Ashley’s visibly flatter tummy and slimmer waist and criticized her for losing weight.

Ashley Graham has recently been in the limelight for losing a few pounds, and her weight loss journey hasn’t settled well with many of her fans who think that a plus-size model should look like one. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ashley Graham was criticized for trying to becoming part of the “mainstream” modeling industry.

“So she finally decided to join the main stream and wanna become thin. Isn’t she proud of her plus size anymore?” one fan said, while another was of the view that Ashley isn’t a plus-size model anymore, but rather just a skinny, curvy girl, a follower commented on one of her previous pictures, per the Inquisitr.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, the comments on Ashley’s weight loss are problematic for many reasons because they make Ashley’s “beauty and career reliant on the size of her frame.”

Fans have been disappointed with her weight loss because Ashley broke the conventional barriers in the modeling industry about figures and what should be in the magazines. And with her image, she proved that plus-size models deserve an equal chance in the fashion world because they represent thousands of women, per the Daily Mail.

Ashley, however, has been annoyed with the rising negativity. Per Hollywood Life, she is “sick of the never-ending speculations over her weight, and finds it insulting.”