November 4, 2018
Iggy Azalea Claps Back Against Comments From 'Sexual Predators' After Adult Film Company Offers Her A Job

Iggy Azalea may have no problem showing off her body, but only on her own terms.

The rapper, who is no stranger to sharing racy pictures online, clapped back on Sunday after an offer for a job from an adult film company led to a string of sexually suggestive comments. The offer came after Iggy announced that she was parting ways with her record company after an album that took several years to complete. This led to an adult film company making an offer below her tweet.

The response from fans was not very welcome. Iggy took to Instagram on Sunday afternoon to post some of the comments she received, with several lewd remarks and others encouraging her to accept the offer. Iggy wondered why people would feel it appropriate to make these comments, calling the people who made the suggestions "sexual predators."

"I want to know why men think it's okay to harass women online? Why do men feel so comfortable being sexual predators?" she wrote. "I don't want to be a sex worker and i shouldn't have to deal with hundreds of predatory men invading my page because of a PR stunt from a porno company. Treat women better. Learn consent. Learn respect. This is gross."

The offer was likely in response to the many racy pictures that the rapper has shared online. Iggy Azalea has branched off into some promotional work and in doing so has shared some pictures of herself in various stages of undress.

This is not the first time that Iggy Azalea has sparked some controversy for her racy online persona. In the summer, some fans of her music chided Iggy for appearing to focus more on sharing skin-baring pictures than finishing her long-awaited album.

Iggy Azalea responded by saying that the release of the album was out of her hands, and that she didn't want a nearly four-year delay between her debut and her follow-up album.

"Most days I want my project to drop, yesterday … but I don't get to make those choices," Iggy wrote on Twitter. "Maybe it's silly, but it really has been helping me lately to feel more positive and just keep my mind in a creative space constantly thinking of new visual things and color palates. I'm really glad I've got something I can do without needing permission."

Iggy Azalea has not responded directly to the adult film company that made the offer, but it seems clear she has no interest in taking the job.