‘Deception’ Fans Look To Netflix For Series Revival

A show with a huge following getting cancelled by a network doesn’t come with the heartache it once did. This is largely thanks to shows like The Killing getting picked up by Netflix for a conclusion season and Last Man Standing getting rebooted by Fox after ABC cancelled the series.

Several months ago, news broke that ABC would not be renewing Deception for a second season. According to Deadline, the series rocked its 10 p.m. Sunday premiere slot bringing in over 6 million viewers. In fact, the series had the best premiere numbers since Quantico premiered back in 2015.

Unfortunately, the ratings took a bit of a nose dive as Deception continued to air and many credited big names airing prior to Deception such as American Idol as the reason the initial numbers were so high.

Fans of the series weren’t exactly thrilled with ABC’s decision to pull the plug after just one season.

A huge petition with a goal of 25,000 signatures was started six months ago requesting streaming giants such as Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix consider looking into picking up Deception and rebooting it for its loyal fan base. To date, the petition is less than 1,000 signatures shy of reaching its goal.

Netflix has a title request feature subscribers can use at any time to put in a request for the streaming giant to consider picking up or adding content. This feature is just another tool fans of Deception are using in an attempt to get the streaming giant to consider picking up the cancelled ABC series.

Fans of the series are also taking to social media with hashtags such as #SaveDeception and #PickUpDeception to draw attention to the petition and the desire to reboot the series.

Those who have seen Deception agree it is comparable to USA’s White Collar which was recently removed from the Netflix library. So, one of the many arguments fans of the series are using, is the fact that Deception could fill a genre void the removal of White Collar left behind.

For those unfamiliar with Deception, the series followed a top illusionist (magician) who teamed up with the FBI in order to assist in solving crimes.

While ABC never announced a reason why they decided to pull the plug on the series, most assume the decline in ratings after the premiere was a likely culprit.

One of the biggest obstacles with rebooting a canceled series is retaining the original cast who have likely moved on to other projects. Last Man Standing, for example, was forced to replace a main cast member when the series was revived. While fans took issue with the recast, they are still watching the series.