Wrestling Legend Reportedly Pulls Out Of Indy Show After Finding Out Owner Is Trump Supporter


Former WWE and WCW wrestler Sid Vicious was originally scheduled to make an appearance for independent promotion XCite Wrestling on Saturday night, but reportedly decided to cancel his booking after he found out that the company’s owner supports President Donald Trump.

According to Wrestling Inc., Vicious’ cancelation was acknowledged last week, as XCite Wrestling took to Facebook, asking if there was anyone who tipped Sid off about the promotion’s owner, Jonny Moose, being a Trump supporter.

“Well, I hope you’re happy, he decided to not get on a plane for our friends at a Heroe’s [sic] Hideout,” XCite Wrestling wrote.

“So he won’t be appearing for us either. We are really disappointed but now we can finally say we are like our friends AIW! But have no fear, tomorrow will be a killer show. We hope you come out and help us with our last Legion show.”

Wrestling Inc. explained that the post referred to Sid Vicious’ similar decision to no-show an event promoted by Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW) in December, which the former WWE and WCW World Champion said was a result of Donald Trump’s travel ban. This resulted in the company having Ethan Carter III, who has since signed with WWE, dress up as Sid and go by the name “EC Justice,” a reference to Vicious’ original WWE ring name of Sid Justice.

Much like AIW ribbed Vicious by having another wrestler poke fun at his old gimmick, XCite Wrestling did the same on Saturday night, asking one of its wrestlers to wear Sid’s ring gear and mimic his powerbomb finisher.

As recalled by Sportskeeda in a separate report, Vicious has long had a reputation of no-showing or pulling out of indy events for one reason or another. This included an incident in March 2012, where Vicious failed to show up for a New Jersey federation’s event, upsetting the promoter to the point that he cut a promo on the veteran wrestler and announced Vicious’ phone number to the crowd. According to Sportskeeda, this was done so that fans could “call Sid personally to air their grievances.”

Sid Vicious, whose real name is Sid Eudy, is best known for his stints in WCW and WWE in the 1990s, where he was part of the iconic Four Horsemen stable in the former company and a two-time World Heavyweight Champion in the latter. Now 57-years-old, Sid last competed in August 2017 for Great North Wrestling, and made a brief reappearance in WWE in 2012, where he was one of several legends who made one-off returns to defeat Heath Slater in a series of quick “squash matches.”