Royal Insider Says Prince Harry Ignores Criticism Of Meghan Markle Who ‘Outranks’ Prince Charles, Per ‘Express

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry appeared to pull off a very successful royal tour, as it started with a bang with the announcement of the Duchess’ pregnancy. But after the whirlwind of travels, a royal insider is spilling the beans on what’s going on behind the scenes with Harry and Meghan, detailed Express. Many royal fans have noticed Meghan is pushing the limits of royal protocol with PDA and wardrobe choices, including spending more time with fans during walkabouts than is typically expected.

And what the insider had to say might not be too surprising for people who heard about Harry’s outbursts before the royal wedding, when he supposedly exclaimed on different occasions, “What Meghan wants, she gets.”

Apparently, that mentality appears to still be firmly in place.

“He won’t hear a word of criticism or take a single suggestion. What she says goes above anyone or anything. She outranks security, household and even his father.”

One of the criticisms that has sprung up since the royal tour is Meghan’s habit of allowing lots of contact between herself and the general public, which has stirred up the security team. Also, there’s been rumblings by an etiquette expert that Meghan’s use of pockets is too casual and not in line with royal protocol.

Plus, the way Meghan handled the walkabouts has caused other concerns.

“The worry is this behaviour raises the bar for every other member of the family who will be expected to do the same. But when they don’t, it creates resentment and a feeling that they have somehow let people down.”

Perhaps owing to this sentiment is why Kate Middleton has been spotted giving more hugs lately than usual, as she also revealed that she encourages her children to hug, detailed E! News.

“Hugs are very important. I keep saying that to my children.”

This isn’t the first time that someone has accused Meghan of undesirable behavior. After all, her half-sister Samantha Markle initially wanted to call her tell-all book The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister. The title has been reworked now to A Tale of Two Sisters, which Samantha noted was near completion on her Twitter Page.

Whatever the case, it looks like the Duchess has made a splash in the royal family. Of course, this was her first international tour, so nobody knew what to expect exactly. And regardless of all the protocol and criticism, Meghan and Harry continue to be widely popular among royal fans.