British Mother Finds Shocking ‘Willy’ In A Tub Of Butter

Lyn Dwyer, of Broomhill, Northumberland, may have gotten a little more than she bargained for in her latest bit of butter. Pulling back the plastic cover after having removed the lid on a small tub of Anchor brand butter, the 61-year-old mother of two was shocked to find a phallic shape revealed to her in her dairy, as the Mirror details.

“I was just making some toast and you have to peel back a cover once you open the lid… I immediately saw it and thought, ‘Really?’ It looked to me like a very clear depiction of a willy… It makes a change from seeing Jesus on toast,” Dwyer recounted.

The British woman was planning on spreading some butter atop a piece of freshly heated toast, though it is unclear whether or not the unexpected surprise put her off her appetite or not. Complete with what appears to be the entire array of male genitalia, the “knob” of butter — as the Mirror phrases the dairy embossing — is large and prominent.

The company responsible for producing the spread, Anchor, spoke out to say that this is an unusual find indeed, going on to elaborate that it is certainly not the usual pattern a consumer might find upon purchasing their product.

“This is not the norm on opening one of our butter products.”

Looking rather bemused in the accompanying press photo that goes with the lighthearted story, it appears that Dwyer is taking the whole thing in stride — quoted by the Scottish Sun as having made a quick crack about the phallic imagery.

“Maybe they are thinking of rebranding as Anchor . . . with a W.”

This is not the only strange butter-based news story to be crowding out headlines around the world recently, as the Inquisitr reports, although the other headline concerns peanut butter rather than the traditional salty yellow spread.

A Scottish man, having spread peanut butter on his testicles for no apparent reason, found himself at the mercy of his pet bulldog, Biggie Smalls. His testicles having been bitten off, and the man himself discovered covered in blood, the story only gets worse from that point forward. The dog was later euthanized, and the man would find himself placed into a medically induced coma as treatment options were considered.

How this series of events unfolded varies depending on different accounts, with the Mirror reporting that the man was a victim of a party prank gone wrong according to neighborhood residents, while police officials say that the man was alone when they arrived at the scene.