Ohio School Cancels Prom As Water Balloon Fight Punishment

Cincinnati, OH – An Ohio school decided to cancel prom to punish students for having a water balloon fight at lunch. Withrow High School students reportedly used social media outlets to plan the massive water battle.

Principal Sharon Johnson and her staff learned of the senior prank in advance and worked to thwart the water balloon battle. On the morning of the planned Withrow High School prank, students were informed via loudspeaker that prom would be canceled if the water balloon battle occurred.

Ohio school officials were concerned about student safety, according to Fox News. Even though the students were threatened with a cancellation of the highly-anticipated spring formal, the water balloon fight went on as planned. Approximately 150 students pelted colorful balloons at one another in the school cafeteria.

Withrow High School Principal Sharon Johnson had this to say about the senior prank:

“We asked them respectfully not to do it. We talked to them about safety issues, including causing panic and kids who could get upset because they got hit or wet. I didn’t think they were going to do it. I really thought they valued their prom. I had to stick to what I said, so that’s what I did.”

Principal Johnson maintains that some students were upset about the flying water and slipped on the lunchroom floor and stairway, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. School officials noted that they have only received a “few” phone calls from upset parents about canceling prom. Unfortunately for some parents, extremely expensive prom dresses and accessories have probably already been purchased.

Although prom is still several months away, teen girls typically coax their mothers into taking them prom shopping not long after the first of the year. Teen fashion magazines roll out their prom issues in January and February, creating a shopping frenzy for young women eager to find the perfect dress before someone else “steals” their dream ensemble.

Do you think the Ohio school overreacted to the water balloon prank, or were the students warned and got what they deserved?

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