‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan Leaves Path Of Destruction With More To Come

Valerie DurantABC Press

Ryan Chamberlain has begun his reign of terror on General Hospital. November sweeps is upon us and it is about to get even worse before it gets better for the people of Port Charles.

The murder of Ferncliff nurse Mary Pat shocked everyone on Halloween. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central say that the hunt is on for the person who killed her. Unfortunately, her killer is right under their noses walking around without a care in the world. Everyone thinks that Ryan Chamberlain is Kevin, not the notorious Port Charles serial killer that is on the loose and leaving a path of destruction along the way.

Carly Corinthos discovered Mary Pat’s head bobbing among some apples in a barrel at the fundraiser being held at The Floating Rib. Ryan is having fun watching everyone’s reaction. In addition to murdering his first victim, Ryan is trying to implicate Carly as being the one who did it. He gave his statement to Jordan and Chase with his confused wife standing there listening.

As if implicating Carly wasn’t enough, he also just broke Laura’s heart. Ryan decided to end things with her. He told her that he wants out of their marriage. He left her dazed and confused on the docks. She should be glad that he ended the marriage instead of her life. He could very well have just killed her. However, he doesn’t know Laura very well. She isn’t going to give up that easily.

If that wasn’t enough, the serial killer left Ava Jerome a love gift in the form of a headless Mary Pat at the art gallery. Ava was shocked and now she is on the list of possible suspects. It was certainly a Halloween that will not be forgotten.

The nightmare is bound to continue, but Ryan Chamberlain will eventually get caught. In the meantime, General Hospital spoilers hint that this whole Ryan rampage will leave Ava on edge and Carly being comforted by her BFF Jason. Also, Laura will be dealing with the impending collapse of her marriage. The investigation into Mary Pat’s murder will continue as well.

Ryan is expected to continue his infatuation with Ava. Spoilers tease that she will be intrigued and that could spell disaster for her and anyone she comes into contact with. Kiki and Griffin could be in danger soon. It seems that anyone whom Ava is in conflict with, Ryan goes after them in some way, and she is definitely at war with her daughter.

Ryan continues his killer ways this month on General Hospital. Keep watching to see if anyone else becomes his next victim.