Frankie Grande Is Happily Dating Married Couple Daniel Sinasohn & Mike Pophis

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Ariana Grande’s older half-brother, entertainer Frankie Grande, has revealed that he is part of a “throuple” — he has been dating a pair of married men for several months now.

The 35-year-old shared his new relationship status with Us Weekly at two different Halloween parties in New York City earlier in the week.

“[We’ve been dating for] almost three months, but in the gay world, it’s like five years,” Grande told the magazine about boyfriends Daniel Sinasohn and Mike Pophis.

When asked how a relationship among three people works, the outgoing star coyly said, “Let’s just say it does.”

However, the former Big Brother contestant was not afraid to discuss one of his beau’s private parts.

Grande tried to shock Us Weekly when he said that his favorite thing about Sinasohn was his “d**k.” He later got a bit more serious and explained that both of his handsome boyfriends are “very smart” men.

Smart is an understatement — Pophis is an internal medicine physician and Sinasohn is a lawyer who also acts and models. The two highly-educated guys got married on December 31, 2017, and currently live in New York City.

Grande and his significant others have all shared multiple photos of the threesome out and about together on social media, including pictures from a September vacation to Florida’s Universal Studios.

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At Bette Midler’s Hulaween gala at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine on Monday, October 29, the threesome wore elaborate costumes. Pophis dressed like David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust character, and Sinasohn and Grande wore extraordinary and detailed colorful body paint that turned their skin into the cosmos.

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I think we win Halloween

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Two days later, at Heidi Klum’s 19th Annual Halloween Party at LAVO, Grande and Sinasohn dressed up like animated movie trolls, Guy Diamond and Creek, respectively, and Pophis wore a costume based on the Harry Potter character Gellert Grindlewald.

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Fantastic Beasts...I found them! #heidihalloween

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When he’s not with his fabulous fellas, Grande spends time with his loving family, including sister Ariana, who has been dealing with a lot of stress lately due to the death of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, and her recent breakup with fiance Pete Davidson.

“Ariana is doing well,” he told Entertainment Tonight on October 29.

“We just had game night together the other night. It was me, Mommy, and Nonna, and we just had a great time. [Ariana’s] working really hard, you know, getting prepped for tour and another album. Like, it’s too much! Lots of stuff is going on.”