Scott Beierle Raged Over Celibacy, Spoke Violence Against Women Before Yoga Studio Shooting

Booking photo.Tallahassee Police Department

The more that is learned about Tallahassee yoga studio shooter Scott Beierle, the more the public becomes acquainted with his profile as a racist and misogynist with a criminal past.

As Buzzfeed‘s reporting on his background reveals, Beierle compiled a rapsheet that has him on record as a serial groper, and he left recordings behind that serve as a testament to the intolerance and hate he internalized toward women and people of color up until the day of his murder-suicide at age 40.

By all available accounts, Beierle was an educated man who, for a time, explored a teaching career, before transitioning to serve a brief stint in the military. A graduate of SUNY Binghamton with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government, Beierle was academically advanced enough to continue on in his schooling toward the completion of a Master’s program in Public Administration and Planning from Florida State University. In between the time it took him to acquire his undergrad and graduate degrees, the Florida resident spent two years teaching high school English, and then he enlisted into the U.S. Army, where he served as a deputy director in supply and logistics between the years 2008 and 2010.

However, the block of Beierle’s life that followed the completion of his schooling documents the unraveling of a middle-aged man whose credentials as a psychologically fit, employable, and otherwise family-worthy individual who lacked the degree of emotional maturity it takes adults to build and sustain relationships — particularly with prospective lovers.

Just one year after his 2013 graduation from FSU, Beierle posted a series of videos under the YouTube moniker, Scott Carnifex. With such titles as “The Rebirth of Misogynism,” “Plight of the Adolescent Male,” and “Dangers of Diversity,” Beierle lamented over the refusal of women to entitle him to their courtship and preached against interracial relationships while using slurs and offensive language to speak demeaningly against black people. Perhaps most alarming was his avowed solidarity with so-called “incels,” or the community of “involuntary celibates” who at times have espoused a sort of militant vindictiveness against women, while deflecting blame their way for their self-pitying state of isolation.

In one recording, Beierle vents about how he “could’ve ripped” the head off of a woman who stood him up on a date. In another, he states that black women have themselves and their alleged tendency to gain too much weight to blame for black men turning to white women. And in yet another posting, Beierle went so far as to defend the six Isla Vista, California, murders committed by woman-hating radical incel Elliot O. Rodger in 2014.

As time went on, Beierle even began to act on his anti-social and misogynistic impulses by imposing himself physically on women. NBC News reports that in 2016, he was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery for slapping a woman’s behind at his apartment complex pool. The assault was predated by several similar incidents dating back to 2012 when he accosted and grabbed the buttocks of a fellow student, as her friend looked on. That woman told authorities that it was the third time he had done so that year.

Unfortunately, the signs that were present to indicate that Beierle was a ticking time bomb were not picked up and investigated soon enough to prevent him from taking his issues out on innocent patrons at Hot Yoga studio in Florida’s capital city on Friday, November 2.

Four victims of the ambush shooting remain hospitalized, with one holding on to life in critical condition. He pulled off the attack after walking in and pretending to be a customer. Meanwhile, the families of Maura Binkley, 21, and Nancy Van Vessem, 61, grieve their loss as they journey on the road to healing with the acceptance that they may never quite get the justice that Beierle would have had to face had he allowed for them to confront him over his heinous act in a court of law.