Duchess Meghan, Prince Harry Not Ditching Royal Family To Move To US With Baby, Despite Rumors [Debunked]

Paul Edwards - PoolGetty Images

Royal watchers in the United States would go gaga over having Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and their baby move to the U.S. and ditch the royal family. People around the world love watching every move that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex make, especially Americans, and some tabloid reports hinted that the royal family might decide to relocate to California so they can raise their child there. However, it looks like this one was quickly debunked.

OK! Magazine said that according to an inside source, Prince Harry is determined to put his bride and baby first. As a result, there have supposedly been discussions between Harry and Meghan Markle about whether to stay in London.

The source claims that Meghan and Harry have been having some doubts about living at the palace since they learned they were expecting their first child. In addition, supposedly, the duke’s priorities have shifted away from having the royal family and related duties as his top priority.

The claims go on to note that Meghan grew up in California, thus she thinks it’d be a great place to raise their child. The source says that Harry is determined to ensure his wife avoids living the kind of life that his mother Princess Diana did, so he is open to a major change like this.

These claims even landed on the new cover of OK!, with headlines blaring that Harry is ready to give up both his title and his family fortune. Queen Elizabeth II is said to be quite angry about this development, and it would be easy to believe she would be upset if the rumors were accurate.

It didn’t take long for Gossip Cop to debunk this one. They note that Meghan is currently working on becoming a British citizen, and as royal watchers know, Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, recently moved to London to be near her daughter. Those developments certainly point toward building a life in London as the duke and duchess have been doing since their wedding.

By all accounts, despite some reported challenges in finding her footing after the wedding, Harry and Meghan seem to be blissfully happy with the life they’re building together in England. A palace source scoffed at the claims about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex moving to California, says Gossip Cop, and most royal fans probably got a good chuckle out of this one too.

Granted, it isn’t a stretch to think that Prince Harry’s priorities have shifted to an extent now that he is married and expecting his first child. He clearly dotes on Meghan Markle and wants to ensure she’s happy. However, the two seem dedicated to their royal duties and the Duke of Sussex is certainly dedicated to his extended family. While Harry, Meghan, and their baby will surely visit the United States regularly, there doesn’t appear to be any truth to the idea that they’re thinking about permanently relocating to live there.