George Papadopoulos’ Wife Reported To Immigration Services By George’s Own Family Members

Alex WongGetty Images

Simona Mangiante, the wife of foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos, has been reported to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) by her husband’s family. The Observer reports that an unidentified member of Papadopoulos’ family has confirmed what Mangiante has claimed, that “they are all making their best to get me ‘deported.'” Her relationship with the Kremlin has been a topic of much speculation in recent months, and Papadopoulos’ family has their own issues with her.

Mangiante has stood by her husband throughout accusations of involvement in alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. He even landed in prison for 14 days after being found guilty of lying to investigators working for special counsel Robert Mueller. Suspicion about Mangiante’s connections to and relationship with Russia arose when it was discovered that the relationship between her and her husband began as a result of their common friend – Professor Joseph Misfud.

As Papadopoulos made his media rounds the last couple of months to talk about his role in the Russia investigation, he pointed to Misfud, saying that Misfud, who had ties to the Kremlin, had promised him intelligence that would discredit Hillary Clinton and that Misfud was in fact also working with Western intelligence. Misfud has been missing since 2017.

George Papadopoulos and Simona Mangiante met on LinkedIn through their mutual connection with Joseph Misfud. Mangiante has said that she was questioned by someone on Mueller’s team because, by her own admission, her profile was “quite alarming” and made her relationship with her husband “highly suspicious.”

For their part, Papadopoulos’ family has attacked Mangiante, alleging that she has destroyed their relationship. An unidentified family member described the situation to the Observer.

“Simona has destroyed George’s relationship with his family. She has been physically and mentally abusive. Successfully isolating him from all his friends and family. Only his half-sister now has a relationship with him but at one point she had stopped speaking to him.”

Mangiante has denied the allegations and describes Papadopoulos’ family as “deeply dysfunctional,” saying she is more afraid of them than she is of the FBI. She has stated that she has hired an attorney because she is a victim of “defamation and harassment” by her husband’s family.

Papadopolous told the media outlet that he does not communicate with his “maternal or paternal side in Chicago,” adding that Mangiante is his family. He further accuses “certain members of that group” of spreading lies and slander about his wife.