WWE News: Former Champion Calls WWE, McMahon Family ‘Racist’ For Bringing Back Hulk Hogan


On Friday, the immortal Hulk Hogan returned to WWE as the host of Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, and everyone knew it was coming sooner or later. Earlier this year, WWE reinstated Hogan after a three-year absence due to his racist comments which went viral. A lot of people were not happy about his comeback and one former champion chose to speak out against WWE and the McMahon family by saying they support the Hulkster because they are racist too.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Hulk Hogan opened up the Crown Jewel pay-per-view on Friday by welcoming everyone to the event. He was only out in the ring for a short promo and wasn’t seen again throughout the entire event, but his return to WWE brought quite a bit of backlash on social media.

Many people thought that he never should have been allowed to come back to WWE after the racist rant he went on in a sex tape that was released. For a while, the company pretty much erased him from existence, but he’s back now and obviously has some sort of deal in place.

His return at Crown Jewel brought about the frustration and anger of many people and includes former champions from WWE. Former Women’s Champion Gail Kim not only spoke against Hogan coming back, but she said the McMahons are racist and think the same way.

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When Hogan came out to start the PPV, social media lit up with those happy to see him back and others who were angry about it. One Twitter user brought up a good example and it had to do with the late Chyna and her relationship with WWE.

In response to that tweet, another user named @TrinaDeLaSuerte responded in the affirmative with a bit more vindictiveness.

“It’s because the McMahons don’t really give a sh*t about what Hogan did. They 5000% petty about the McMahon Porn spoof though.”

That’s where Gail Kim came in and she responded to that tweet by saying that the McMahon family is racist.

Of course, there were some who spoke out against Gail Kim for speaking against the company that had hired her on multiple occasions. One person didn’t believe that WWE is racist due to having minorities on their talent roster, but Kim had a counterpoint to that as well.

Gail Kim retired from the ring back in February and works as a producer and agent for Impact Wrestling. It was already very doubtful that she would ever return to work for WWE again, but these comments pretty much lock that in place. Hulk Hogan’s return after his racist rant years ago is something that shocked a lot of people. To those who believe the McMahon family is racist, though, it doesn’t really surprise them.