Nina Dobrev Poses In Sports Bra & Leggings Selfie With Victoria’s Secret Model Kelsey Merritt

Monica SchipperGetty Images for Reebok

Canadian actress Nina Dobrev decided to shake up a somewhat hum-drum Saturday with a spicy post made to popular social media platform Instagram. Perhaps best known for her work on The CW show The Vampire Diaries — where she plays the role of Elena Gilbert — Dobrev has been making waves on Instagram lately with each and every new shot that she posts to her 16.3 million admirers who use the service.

In this particular image, posted less than an hour ago as of the writing of this article, Dobrev can be seen smiling broadly for the camera. Winking her right eye at the lens, the scream queen shows off a bit of her coy and fun-loving attitude. Nina is pictured in the snapshot wearing a tight navy blue sports bra with a lighter blue accent and trim, the material hugging her signature curves. Her chestnut brown hair is cropped short above the shoulders and is styled straight in a no-nonsense fashion, which makes sense given that she appears to be at the gym.

A waistband belonging to a pair of what appear to be matching athletic leggings barely makes it into the photographic frame. Dobrev is seen wearing a slender gold chain in the image, keeping her accessorizing to a minimum given her surroundings. In the background is a full length window and some nondescript gym equipment — primarily weight plates.

The Canadian beauty captioned the photograph in support of her friend — and newly minted Victoria’s Secret model — Kelsey Merritt. Kelsey joins Nina in the picture, looking very casual in a baggy black hoodie with white lettering scrawled on the front in block letters. Pulling a bit of a duck face and wearing the hood flipped up over her brown locks, Merritt appears to be showing a bit of her wry personality to the camera as well, matching Dobrev’s charm.

As Teen Vogue details, Merritt is set to make history as the first Filipino woman to walk the runway as a Victoria’s Secret model. The 22-year-old will not only be making history in this sense, but will achieve a lifelong personal milestone as she walks for the world-famous fashion brand. Not one to shy away from the reality of the beauty industry — as well as the natural flaws that belong to each human body — Merritt famously bared her own stretch marks proudly, posting an image of her posterior to Instagram with a body positive caption.

Nina and Kelsey have been friends for some time, having taken vacation together recently to Costa Rica, as Cosmopolitan details. Showing some love for their sisterhood, it appears that the pair have true affection for one another.