Kentucky High School Girls Suspended For Dressing Up As Columbine School Shooters On Halloween

Two teenage girls who attend Adair County High School in Columbia, Kentucky, have been suspended after dressing up as the two teenage boys who opened fire at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, in 1999. Fox News reported that the names of the girls were not released, but photos of them re-enacting the actual event showed up all over social media. School officials indicated that their suspension is in effect while an investigation is done.

The female students wore clothing similar to real-life shooters: 18-year-old Eric Harris and 17-year-old Dylan Klebold. Many of the social media posts featured side-by-side photos. One of the photos was of a scene from the 1999 shooting, and the other was of the two female students re-enacting it. In one, the girls lay on the floor in the school library while another showed them standing outside the school looking at a camera with blank faces.

Fellow students didn’t know who the freshman girls were supposed to be until someone asked them and were told, “We’re the school shooters,” according to USA Today. They described their outfits as including black clothing, dark eye makeup, and blood on their faces. They did not carry real or fake weapons. One student called their costumes, “really weird.” She said that it was when the photos started popping up on social media that “things really got out of hand.”

Adair County Schools Superintendent Pamela Stephens stressed the serious nature of the incident.

“We take the situation very seriously and our personnel are continuing to investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding this matter. The students are currently suspended. We do not take distracting behavior on social media posts lightly.”

The shooters who inspired the teenagers’ Halloween costumes killed 12 students and a teacher and injured 26 before killing themselves.

At least one parent of a fellow classmate is asking for consequences for both the teenagers and their parents.

“It’s ridiculous. I think any child that does that should be expelled and any parents who (support) their child (doing that) should have charges brought against them. You worry every day about sending your kid to school, and now you have people joking about it.”

The father of one of the girls said that he didn’t know who they were dressed as when they left home and that his daughter now realizes that her costume and the social media posts were a bad decision. He also stated that both girls have received death threats.