Mark Wahlberg Clears Up Rumors About His Intense Morning Routine

Leon Bennett GettyImages

Mark Wahlberg, the actor and businessman, has been known for his grueling morning routines that start hours before most people wake up. Wahlberg makes the most out of every hour of his day, starting bright and early at 2:30 a.m. He says that the early wake up call is necessary in order to complete his daily workout, shower, have breakfast, and still have time left over to prepare for the work day. The actor has been known to share his consistently productive morning routines on social media. His goal is to encourage others to get out of bed and get to work achieving their goals.

According to People, Wahlberg sat down with Willie Geist to discuss his fitness regimen and the rest of his morning schedule.

“It’s taking an hour and a half, an hour and 45 minutes to do the workout. I got to get up, do my prayers and stuff before that, eat breakfast, do my training, then do all my reading and stuff for work,” Wahlberg said.

Many of his fan have wondered what morning activities could possibly take that much time. Some rumors even suggesting that he spends a lot of that time in the shower.

“There’s no hour and a half shower. There’s no more hot water,” he tells Geist. “I probably take about a five to seven minute shower.”

Geist also asked him about his unusual hobby of utilizing cryotherapy chambers. A cryotherapy chamber is a relatively new form of medical therapy that uses freezing cold water to help muscle tissue heal and avoid pain or swelling after an intense workout. Those using this chamber will enter a small pod-like room and emerge themselves in the cold water for a couple of minutes. This technology has become popular among professional athletes, as well as those who suffer from physical ailments related to surgeries or muscle problems. Wahlberg often uses cryotherapy to help avoid sore muscles after his vigorous workouts and to improve his sleep quality. He says he makes the time in the freezing water easier to endure by walking around and listening to music.

However, unlike rumors have suggested, Wahlberg does not own his own cryotherapy chamber.

“I go to the U.S. cryo chamber,” he explained to Geist. “Because I was promoting it so much, they wanted to give me one, but it’s like a giant condenser. I’m like, where am I going to put that?”