Kanye West Pulled Away From Trump, ‘MAGA’ Viewpoint Due To Violence Of Past Two Weeks, ‘Hollywood Life’ Says

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Additional information is emerging related to Kanye West’s recent announcement that he was pulling away from politics after feeling he was being used by others who were misrepresenting his viewpoints or using his support to promote their own agendas. Kanye’s announcement has generated a lot of buzz after he visited President Donald Trump recently, and now it looks like some additional context is coming to the surface.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, Kanye West took to Twitter a few days ago to address all of this. He said he was going to step away from any talk of politics after feeling that others were utilizing him to spread messages that didn’t align with his personal viewpoints.

Conservative activist Candace Owens, the woman behind the “Blexit” movement that became an issue in relation to Kanye, said that it felt like a bullet had pierced her heart when she heard West talk about feeling used. When she addressed the chaos via Twitter and her blog, she said that West’s criticisms were targeted toward her specifically, not Trump or his agenda.

Now, Hollywood Life says that they have gained further insight from an insider close to Kanye. Their source says that the recent violence across the country, specifically the 12 pipe bombs allegedly sent by Cesar Sayoc Jr. to prominent Democrats as well as the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting that left 11 dead, left West feeling jarred and wanting to reevaluate his support for the MAGA platform.

“It got Kanye thinking, and the conclusions he came to were really unsettling and disturbing to him.”

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The insider adds that Kanye loved the “big picture” idea of Trump and his agenda, in that he liked that the president isn’t the typical politician and that he has no filter. Ultimately, however, sources say that West has realized he needed to take into account the full slate of Trump’s agenda and that he cannot support that.

“Kanye’s realized there’s a very high price to pay for the rhetoric that’s being spoken by the president he was endorsing, and it’s dawned on him that he can’t just pick and choose parts of Trump’s agenda that he likes; it’s all or nothing.”

It is apparently true that West was upset with Candace and how he felt his involvement in Blexit was being misrepresented. However, insiders note that the issues connected to Owens weren’t the sole reasons he stepped back from politics.

The Daily Beast reports that Kanye’s decision to distance himself from politics has rattled some pro-Trump activists. Insiders reportedly blame Owens along with Charlie Kirk for using West to hype their personal endeavors at the detriment of how Kanye’s support could help the conservative movement over the long term.

Of course, Kanye West isn’t always entirely predictable when it comes to his public statements and support on issues. Given that, many will be interested to see if he truly remains distanced from President Donald Trump and the MAGA agenda or if he decides to step back into the political discussion again at some point.