Halle Berry Sports Belly-Revealing See-Through Crop Top As She Kicks Off Fitness Friday

Isabel Leah Cohen

Actress Halle Berry makes fitness an integral part of her daily life, and it shows. The 52-year-old defies her age as she maintains a sculpted, toned body and youthful skin. Every Friday, Berry shares her top workout and diet tips while discussing other topics relevant to health and fitness.

For this week's "Fitness Friday," the Monster's Ball star posted a sexy snap of herself wearing white-banded boxing shorts and a tiny white crop top revealing her braless chest. As she stretches one arm up, her followers get a peek of her tight abdomen and tiny waist. Her curly dark hair is left down around her face, and she paired the outfit with a simple gold necklace.

The fitness star captioned the photo, "Kicking off #FitnessFriday with a proper flashback and a spankin new episode of #PHITtalks!! This week, Peter and I talk body fat loss for beginners, daily vitamins, low-carb fiber intake, and how to combat pesky bloating."

Many of Berry's followers watch her fitness series, consistently commenting on how much of an inspiration and a motivation that she is for them. Among the comments calling her "absolutely stunning" and "gorgeous" on her most recent photo were, "What an amazing inspiration you are. Thank you @halleberry," and "Wow just wow you are so beautiful muuuuuuuuuuch love always and forever Queen Halle."

"She's also not afraid to experiment and explore and take risks when it comes to fitness because she understands that in order for there to be potential growth and change, she's going to have to do things that are commonly difficult to do."

The Oscar winner explained in one Instagram post how best to get over the initial hump of starting a workout routine.

"Initially when adapting to a fitness lifestyle, fear of discomfort usually sets in. The truth is, when you get fit, exercise is actually something you look forward to. It's a stress reliever (God knows I've needed that over the years), makes you feel relaxed, optimistic and those endorphins are just heavenly! After I workout, I feel like I can conquer the world."