Robert Mueller Sexual Assault Accuser Fails To Turn Up At Press Conference

Alex WongGetty Images

The woman who is accusing FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller of sexual harassment failed to turn up at a press conference today, and her handlers, Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman, promised that she would turn up at a press conference at an unspecified later date.

As NBC News reports, Washington lobbyist Jack Burkman and pro-Trump Twitter personality Jacob Wohl have, for the past few days, been claiming they have evidence that Mueller, who has been investigating possible Russian interference in the 2016 election, sexually harassed at least one woman. Specifically, they claim that an unidentified woman, described only as a Los Angeles woman in her 30’s, says that Mueller sexually assaulted her in a New York City hotel room in 2010.

Details are scant, however, and at Friday’s press conference, the alleged victim failed to turn up. Wohl and Burkman instead spoke on her behalf during the press conference, which took place in a half-full room at a Washington-area Holiday Inn.

And rather than talk about the victim or her allegations, the two men spent most of the time talking up each others’ own credibility and records (“Jacob is a child prodigy who eclipsed Mozart!”). They couldn’t even agree on how to spell the alleged victim’s name, according to the Daily Beast. (The Daily Beast has identified the victim; however, because she claims to be a victim of sexual assault, the Inquisitr will not publish her name.)

Meanwhile, questions about Wohl and Burkman’s credibility remain.

Burkman, for example, is known for publishing what NBC News describes as “baseless” conspiracy theories about the death of Democratic aide Seth Rich, as well as for hosting news conferences promising bombshell information that fails to materialize. Wohl, for his part, was at one time a hedge-fund manager who has been banned from working in the financial industry – as The Daily Beast claims, he can’t even open an E-Trade account.

Besides Wohl and Burkman’s credibility issues, there is also some chicanery in how the sexual assault allegations came about. As NBC News notes, several journalists said on Twitter that they had received “suspicious” emails from a woman who claims that she was offered money to level sexual assault allegations against Mueller. Wohl and Burkman deny the allegation.

Mueller, for his part, has asked the FBI to investigate the whole affair – a truth which was brought up by a reporter at the press conference, who asked the men, “Are you both prepared for federal prison?”

Meanwhile, Wohl and Burkman claim that the alleged victim “panicked” and changed her mind at the last minute. They promise a later press conference, at an unspecified date, where the supposed victim will offer her story.