November 2, 2018
'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Freak Out Over Return Of McDreamy, McSteamy & George In Stunning Day Of The Dead Episode

Grey's Anatomy fans were freaking out—and rightfully so—over the Season 15 episode, "Flowers Grow Out of My Grave." Near the end of the November 1 episode, the ghosts of Meredith Grey's past appeared in a dreamy sequence that left viewers with the chills.

As Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) walked through the halls of the hospital as she reflected on the news that her father, Thatcher (Jeff Perry), was dying, the many ghosts of her past appeared alongside her. A Spanish version of the familiar Snow Patrol song "Chasing Cars" played in the background during the stunning sequence.

The character's late husband, Derek Shepherd, aka McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey), pal Mark Sloan, aka McSteamy (Eric Dane), former roommate and bestie George O'Malley (T.R. Knight) Meredith's half-sister, Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh), mother Ellis Grey (Kate Burton), and even Meredith's dog, Doc were all shown in the bone-chilling scene, which you can see below.

The stunning scene was reportedly planned by Grey's Anatomy writers when they found out they would have an episode airing on the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), according to E! News.

After fans flocked to social media to report that the surprise scene tore them apart, Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo tweeted, "Well we knew we were filming a scene that would mean everything to the fans... we were all pretty excited."

Grey's Anatomy executive producer Krista Vernoff told the Hollywood Reporter the show's writers were excited to create the surprising scene as a homage to Meredith's loved ones and that it was one of the team's first ideas before the rest of the season was even planned out.

But lest fans think Dempsey, Dane, and the crew returned to the Grey's Anatomy set to shoot the scene, think again. Previously aired and unused, old footage of the actors were used, with the exception of Kate Burton and the dog, who appeared in a newly shot footage.

"We have some iconic footage that the fans will immediately recognize: That shot of Derek, the fans who have watched the show multiple times know what episode that is from. There are iconic moments and shots that we pulled from moments that actually never aired on the show — like Mark [with Derek," Vernoff told THR.

Sadly, Grey's Anatomy ghosts Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and bomb squad hero Dylan Young (Kyle Chandler) didn't make the cut, and there's little chance they'll be haunting the Grey Sloan Memorial halls anytime soon. The ghost cameos were one and done.

"The design of that scene is some people believe in life after death; some people believe that our loved ones can visit us," Vernoff explained.

"And some people don't believe any of that and can look at this sequence and believe that it exists in Meredith's imagination or in Meredith's memory. It's a little bit of something for everyone."
Watch the chilling Grey's Anatomy Day of the Dead tribute below.
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