Jimmy Kimmel’s Annual Halloween Candy Prank Takes A Violent Turn

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images for Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Every year for the past eight years, popular comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has convinced parents across the U.S. to prank their children after Halloween, telling them that unfortunately they already ate their candy. Every year, the prank is carried out by thousands of parents, and some even capture video footage of it for everyone else’s entertainment.

This year is no different, except for the fact that two young boys took extreme exception to their dads telling them they’d eaten their candy. According to E! News, one of the boys tried to punch his father in the head with his tiny fists, while the other started hitting his father’s arms upon hearing the news.

Aside from those two violent reactions, there were some hilarious responses from the little ones. Aside from the obvious crying and hysteria displayed by many, there were some who seemed wise and mature beyond their years. When one little boy was asked if he was mad at his mother, he responded with “I’m not mad at all. I’ll never be at you because you’re my mom.” His mother’s reaction to this was far funnier, as she chirped back, “You’re too sweet. It’s gross.”

One little girl smiled at her mother and replied with “I forgive you, mommy. I love you,” when told the candy was gone, and another responded with “I’m telling you: Candy is not that special!”

Some other children told their parents off, with one girls telling her mother “I’m so disappointed in you,” and another boy angrily trying to banish his mother to her bedroom for a time-out, pushing her away as he yelled at her while she continued to film him and laugh.

Other parents told their kids flat out that Kimmel had told them to eat the candy, and when these children were asked whether they liked the talk show host they had some unflattering words for Kimmel, with one boy yelling “He’s an idiot! He’s a freakin’ idiot!”

And then there were those children who were not going to be outsmarted when it came to their Halloween candy.

“Oh, no. This is fake. I know this,” one young boy said. “You have showed us the videos! I know!”

Another little boy was equally skeptical of his mother’s claims, and, after a moment of thought replied, “Wait! Jimmy Kimmel! How many years do you think you’re going to get away with this?”