MMA Rumors: Daniel Cormier Reveals Potential Date And Location Of Money Fight Against Brock Lesnar

Sam WassonGetty Images

After beating Stipe Miocic at UFC 226, UFC two-division champion Daniel Cormier already has an idea who he wants to fight next in the UFC heavyweight division. In a post-fight interview, Cormier called out former UFC heavyweight champion and WWE superstar Brock Lesnar, who immediately came inside the Octagon, shoved “DC,” and engaged in a heated exchange of words.

Brock Lesnar looked very interested in fighting Daniel Cormier to reclaim the UFC heavyweight belt, and the UFC is also willing to schedule the fight. However, before that happens, Lesnar will first need to undergo a series of drug tests with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). The UFC is yet to make an official announcement regarding the fight, but Cormier gave a potential date and location of his money fight against Lesnar.

“January 26 in Anaheim,” Cormier said, according to MMA Mania. “Is Brock eligible by then?”

Fighting Brock Lesnar will not only be good for Daniel Cormier’s legacy, but it will also enable him to have a huge payday before he permanently ends his MMA career. However, Lesnar needs to pass all the drug tests in order to be eligible to fight. As of now, Cormier doesn’t seem to have much concern about Lesnar, saying that his current physique shows that he’s complying with USADA.

“Well, he looks smaller on WWE right now? You see his face? He looks tiny. Yeah, maybe on January 26. I think I have a wrestling tournament that weekend, But we will see,” Cormier said.

Despite what happened at UFC 226, Daniel Cormier still has lots of respect for the former UFC heavyweight champion.

“I like Brock, I really do. Brock just isn’t going to take no s**t. Brock isn’t going to mess around with you. But, I like Brock. I have known him for a long time, I met Brock in 1998,” Cormier said.

Before focusing on his money fight against Brock Lesnar, Daniel Cormier should first win his first title defense as the UFC heavyweight champion against Derrick Lewis at UFC 230 on Saturday night at Madison Square Garden. Despite suffering a hand injury and having a short time to prepare, Cormier decided to fight against Lewis on a short notice, revealing that the UFC gave him an offer that he cannot resist. Also, Cormier is very confident that he can beat Lewis since he only has a limited fighting style, unlike Stipe Miocic. If he remains the UFC heavyweight champion after UFC 230, it is highly likely that he will call out Lesnar for the second time.