Samantha Markle Announces On Twitter That She’s Finishing Her Book On Meghan, ‘A Tale Of Two Sisters’

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Samantha Markle, Meghan’s outspoken half-sister, has posted on Twitter today that she’s working on finishing her book on the duchess. However, the message was supposedly posted by someone named Mark. This is what it said.

“Mark took over Samantha’s account because Samantha checked into a spa for a week, where she is finishing her BOOK.”

So there’s a chance that the tweet is not accurate, although we’ll have to wait and see.

The book was initially expected to be titled The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister, which is obviously throwing shade at Meghan for being “pushy” from the get-go. In past interviews, Samantha has revealed some of the contents of the book, at one point even admitting that “I do regret the title of my book.” The title has since been changed to A Tale Of Two Sisters, which is certainly less antagonistic.

The half-sister went on to describe how she’s not necessarily making money “unfairly” off of Meghan’s new skyrocketing fame, according to the Daily Mail.

“It’s not off her, it’s off my personal photos that I was in, so if they’re my memories, my life experiences, my photos, I certainly have more right to make money off them than any journalists. It’s not cashing in, to share fond feelings and memories.”

And if you were to ask Samantha’s agent, Linda Langton, the book is worth reading, detailed The Sun.

“The book is extremely well written and is a dynamic and sympathetic portrayal of two sisters, one of whom is soon to be a real live princess.”

At the time of the comments, Meghan had yet to wed Prince Harry. Since the royal wedding, the family feud has only increased in intensity and scrutiny, so it’s hard to know if the book has also evolved since then.

The Markle family has been putting on quite the display since Meghan became known as Prince Harry’s girlfriend and later, his wife. Unfortunately, her dad, Thomas, along with half-siblings Samantha and Thomas, Jr., have all given tons of interviews to the press. Even one of Meghan’s nephews, Tyler Dooley, is getting in on the action, first by selling a marijuana strain called the “Markle Sparkle,” and most recently announcing his appearance on an MTV reality TV show.

But of them all, only Samantha is planning on releasing a book about Meghan. She’s also got a very active social media presence on Twitter, although her profile is set to private.