Customers At Vegetarian Restaurant Discover The Meat In Their Food Was Human Flesh

Police received a call from customers at a vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok complaining that there had been what they thought was meat served to them at the establishment. When the authorities came to investigate these claims, they found a far more gruesome reality than they had been expecting.

According to the Irish Mirror, in the restaurant’s deserted kitchen they discovered blood covering the walls and the floors, and chunks of human scalp fragments and flesh seemed to be covering the work area. As the investigation heightened, they realized that the restaurant’s owner was nowhere to be found.

Police conducted a thorough search of the property, and discovered the disfigured remains of a 61-year-old man in a nearby septic tank. The victim was later named as Prasit Inpathom, a man who had frequented the restaurant, and had struck up a friendship with the owner over the years. The body was so badly brutalized that his family was only able to identify him by his distinguishable chest and upper arm tattoos, according to Unilad.

He was last seen at the establishment having drinks on October 21 by his brother, three days before his body was discovered on October 24.

It is speculated by police, who are still hunting for the restaurant’s owner, that the two got into a massive row, which led to his death. He suffered a gruesome end, with police reporting blunt force trauma to the head, and multiple stab wounds to the abdomen and leg. The motivation behind the heinous crime is as yet unknown.

Inpathom’s family immediately went to the restaurant when they learned he was missing, only to find the establishment swarming with police who were investigating his grim murder. According to friends and family, Inpathom had become friends with the owner after asking him for a job, and the two would regularly be seen laughing and chatting together over drinks.

At this stage, the police investigating the horrifying case are focusing on the restaurant’s owner as their main suspect. The man has apparently been on the run since the body was uncovered. Police believe that after the murder, the owner chopped Inpathom’s body up and cooked parts of it to serve to customers in the restaurant, whether as revenge or a way to cover up the crime is not known at this point.

It is unknown whether any customers actually ate the human flesh before discovering there was meat in their food.