Actress With Breast Cancer Tries Out Every Hair Style And Color She Can Think Of Before Starting Chemo

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images

Actress Angela Trimbur is a 37-year-old L.A. City Municipal Dance Squad captain who has appeared in shows such as The Good Place and NCIS. Having played many parts throughout the years, Trimbur is used to chopping her hair for various roles. However, her most recent changes in hairstyle were not done for the sake of acting. Trimbur has breast cancer and is about to embark on her second grueling round of chemotherapy.

According to Today, Trimbur has had to make quite a few life-changing decisions since her diagnosis in July. The actress opted to freeze her eggs prior to chemo to ensure that she will be able to get pregnant later in life if she so desires. She also had to make the difficult decision to undergo a double mastectomy. Trimbur was determined to find some light in a very scary situation. She figured this was a perfect opportunity to try something new. Trimbur decided to try out every hairstyle and color she’d always been afraid to do and document it all on social media.

“I decided that if I was going to lose my hair anyways and had some time while freezing my eggs before chemo started, I would have fun taking it in various stages that I’ve always wanted to try but had internal fears of doing so,” Trimbur told Today. “Sharing it seemed like an obvious thing to do. I decided to publicly share my whole cancer journey and this was a major step in making it a more memorable process.”

During this hair transformation process Trimbur dyed her hair every color she could think of from platinum blonde to light blue and every shade in between. She started the process out with long hairstyles, beginning with a perm before cutting her long hair to her shoulders. She then chopped her hair to emulate a ’90s boy band style before going even shorter with a pixie cut. Shortly after this final style, she shaved her head.

Trimbur is grateful for two of her friends, colorist Bianca Hillier of Andy Lecompte Salon and hairstylist Sal Salcedo of Nova Arts Salon, who stepped up to help her out in this experience. The pair knew how much these looks meant to Trimbur and wanted to make all of her hair dreams a reality. The actress simply wanted a chance to have some fun before the start of her treatment and have the opportunity to feel confident and refreshed.

The bravery and positivity Trimbur has shown via social media and toward those around her has inspired many others to live the truest and most unapologetic version of themselves.