Lala Kent Shares Revealing Mickey Mouse Costume She Wore For Halloween

Manny Carabel Getty Images

Reality TV star Lala Kent has bared her fair share of skin on the television show Vanderpump Rules. Yet it’s still a little surprising to see her in the Halloween outfit which she wore this year.

Kent, a model and a recurring member of the reality show, posted a picture to Instagram of her dressed as Mickey Mouse. She was wearing the wizard apprentice clothes which the famous rodent wore in the movie Fantasia. Kent’s version of the outfit, however, was a tad bit more revealing than what Mickey probably had in mind.

Donning a small conical wizard’s cap and a red robe that draped just past Kent’s sides — exposing her flat stomach — the model was holding nothing back. Her risque Halloween costume also showed off her blue underwear and toned legs. A yellow rope-sash was seen tied around Kent’s chest.

Kent admitted in the caption of her post, however, that she didn’t go anywhere special for the holiday — and indeed you can see that she’s in her living room for the selfie that she took.

“Shout out to everyone who got a costume and followed through with putting it on and looking epic,” she wrote. “I bought a costume and only got as far as trying it on to show Rand,” referring to her fiancee, Randall Emmett. The two got engaged this past summer, according to Page Six.

Kent added that she just didn’t have the motivation to finish her ensemble, pointing out the inconsistencies in her footwear. “So lazy I couldn’t even bother to put the other boot on,” she wrote.

Later in the evening, the two “took the babies trick-or-treating,” referring to Emmett’s children from a previous marriage, “& by 8:30 we were home watching Food Network.”

Although she’s worn revealing outfits in the past — including going topless on Vanderpump Rules and showing some revealing photos on social media — according to Hollywood Life, the Bravo television star has said and demonstrated in the past that she has some pretty traditional viewpoints, especially when it comes to her relationships. “I take marriage seriously. My parents have been together for 35 years, through thick and thin,” she said, according to an article on the Bravo website. “I haven’t ever been married, but I still hold that title sacred.”

The reality star has also indicated that acting isn’t her true passion. Although she’s friends with actors like David Spade, “Acting was never something I was truly passionate about,” she’s said. “I’ve done a little here and there, but nothing dope.”