Hilaria Baldwin Shows Off Her Belly Button Piercing In Latest Instagram Video

Steven HenryGetty Images for Hamptons International Film Festival

Hilaria Baldwin never stops surprising her fans. Whether it be with her amazing flexibility, incredible body, or in this case, surprising body art, the 34-year-old mother of four is constantly wowing her nearly 420,000 Instagram followers.

On Thursday, the yoga teacher wife of actor Alec Baldwin took to the social media platform to share a video of herself showing how to properly do a yoga pose for spine health. In the process of getting in and out of the pose, the fit mom revealed she has a belly button piercing.

“Yes, my belly button is pierced,” she wrote toward the end of the photo caption, paired with a diamond emoji.

In the clip, Hilaria is wearing black leggings and a white loose cutout top over her two bras, which she uses to make breastfeeding easy, as she works through the pose. The pose starts with her on all fours as she engages in the “cat cow” pose to warm up the spine by flexing the back up and then down. As Hilaria works through the routine, her hooded top moves away from her body, exposing the fitness instructor’s incredibly fit figure as well as the normally hidden piece of body jewelry.

“Spine flexibility and health she be top on your to do list. Here is a little routine that you can do regularly. Two common qs: 1. I manage breastfeeding and being active with doubling up my bras…you can kind of see the bottom one peaking out. 2. Yes, my belly button is pierced,” her full caption reads.

The post was viewed more than 19,000 times in under an hour and garnered more than 1,500 likes and a few dozen comments from fans thanking her for sharing such valuable tips. As usual, Instagram users asked her questions relating to health and motherhood.

“Is this ok to do while pregnant,” one user asked, to which Hilaria responded, “yes…as long as you don’t do deep twisting and make room for your belly. Just go slowly and gently.”

Hilaria, who gave birth to her fourth child in May 2018, uses her Instagram page to share fitness and health tips and often discusses motherhood, pregnancy, and issues that affect mothers. And she might not be done with having children. Page Six reported that the Baldwin couple considers having a fifth kid.

“I think about it a lot,” Hilaria said, as per the report. “When I’ll have a day that’s really really hard with the kids, I’m like, ‘No more kids!’ and then I’ll have a day where they’re like really cute like this, and I’m like, ‘I could have another one.'”