Heidi Klum & Tom Kaulitz’s Shrek Halloween Couples Costumes Were Super Spot On

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Heidi Klum fans know very well that she takes Halloween very seriously. So much so that some people call her the “Queen of Halloween.” That’s not an easy title to get or maintain in the celebrity world, as everyone seemed to pull out their best stops to achieve a great look this year. Heidi had previously teased her costume on Instagram by showing that they had made a mold of her face, but the final result has amazed her fans.

It turned out that the secret costume was a couples costume. Boyfriend Tom Kaulitz went as Shrek, while Heidi was Princess Fiona. The pair pulled off the looks impeccably, as every last detail seemed to have been thought out. Klum’s dress was spot-on, as was the wig, tiara, and amazing green skin. She even wore padding to make her body type look just like Fiona’s from the movies. Her Instagram stories also revealed that the costumers also made the bust for Fiona, which all worked seamlessly together for a polished look.

Tom, on the other hand, had more “weight” to gain, as he sported a giant belly and got into character with a disgruntled look for the cameras. His outfit was just as on-point as Heidi’s. The two even pushed a baby stroller with babies inside.

Fans gave the couple tons of love on social media, as Klum also shared sneak peeks at her preparing for her Halloween party through short video clips.

Klum also shared some videos of Tom getting ready in her Stories. Clips show him getting his hair put in a net, as he had what looked like foam on his face. The process likely took a long time and, from the looks of it, involved tons of different people working together on makeup and getting the molds put in place. Heidi previously revealed some of her secrets to achieving an unforgettable look for Halloween, detailed Us Weekly.

“If I’m a certain person, then I can’t show any of my skin, so then that has to be made into prosthetic pieces. And sometimes that means hands and feet or ears or some other weird thing, so that takes time because then it has to be all painted. Or if I wear wigs, then I have wig fittings and all the different things.”

For this year’s costume, Heidi likely used all of those tricks. But it was certainly well worth the trouble, as the Shrek costume is one for the books.

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