A Call From The Saudi Embassy Is Being Investigated In The Case Of The Farea Sisters

Spencer PlattGetty Images

Mystery still surrounds the deaths of Saudi Arabian sisters, Tala Farea, 16, and Rotana Farea, 22, who were discovered in the Hudson River last week, duct-taped together. However, authorities are now looking into a phone call their mother received from the Saudi embassy prior to their deaths.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the sisters were found on a rocky area of the Hudson River in New York City. It is believed that the women died in the river and later washed up on shore. They had last been seen in Virginia on August 24.

The New York Police Department has now released images of the Farea sisters and are urging witnesses to step forward. They are also asking for any information on the sisters to help with their investigations.

“While we continue the expansive investigation into the deaths of sisters Tala & Rotana Farea — whose bodies were found on Oct 24 at the edge of the Hudson River in Manhattan—we urge anyone w/ info to call CrimeStoppers 800-577-TIPS @NYPDTIPS,” Dermot Shea, NYPD Chief of Detectives, tweeted on Wednesday. “Did you know them? Meet them? See them?”

The police are also asking for any information from people who saw the Farea sisters between the day they disappeared on August 24 and the day their bodies were discovered on October 24.

“We are looking at all clues in their past life,” Shea said.

In addition to seeking witnesses, the NYPD is reportedly looking into a phone call made to Tala and Rotana’s mother. The call reportedly came from the Saudi embassy, according to Fox News.


The NYPD confirmed on Tuesday that the sisters’ mother received a call from the embassy a day before their bodies were discovered along the Hudson River. In this call, it is believed that the Saudi Arabian embassy ordered the family to leave the US. It is believed that the sisters had applied for political asylum and that is what prompted the call to their mother in relation to vacating the country.

The Saudi Arabian consulate released a statement on October 31 in relation to the Farea sisters.

Little is known about the sisters and their life prior to their bodies being found on October 24. It is believed that the sisters arrived in the US with their mother in 2015, after leaving Saudi Arabia. Rotana Farea had “been enrolled at George Mason University until the spring,” according to Fox News. Their disappearance on August 24 was not the first time the pair were reported missing. According to reports, the pair were also reported missing in December 2017, after “they left their family home and were placed in a shelter.”

As yet, no cause of death has been determined in this case.