A New Study Discusses The Link Between A Vegan Diet And Weight Loss

Sean Gallup Getty Images

There’s been plenty of hype in the media recently surrounding the vegan diet. Many YouTube stars as well as professional athletes and other celebrities have revealed that they have introduced plant-based diets into their lives. Vegan options are now carried at many big-name grocery stores. While in the past consumers would likely have to take a trip to a health food store to find a variety of good vegan options, major supermarkets have been catching up to the trend and marketing their new healthier options.

Some have questioned whether or not this diet is really all it has been cracked up to be. According to Today, a recent study published in the British Medical Journal has helped to shed some light onto this diet and the effects it could have upon weight loss.

This study involved 11 clinical trials and focused on the diets of people in their 50s. Researchers compared vegan diets with other diets to determine the effect that a plant-based diet could have on weight loss. They were particularly interested to see how veganism might prove to be beneficial to those living with type 2 diabetes. The study indicated that a plant-based diet change radically improved participants’ ability to manage their diabetes and achieve a healthy weight. Not only were those that took up the plant-based diet able to live a better quality of life, but many were also able to cut back on the medication they were taking to cope with their diabetes.

Dr. Roshini Raj, a contributor for Today, came on the show to discuss the benefits of plant-based diets in terms of lowering your chance of developing a variety of health problems. Although many popular diets today place an emphasis on decreasing your intake of carbohydrates, it is actually what you replace the carbs with that makes the difference. Many people might be making up for their lower carb intake with other unhealthy things such as animal fat, thus causing them not to achieve the weight loss they are hoping for. “We’re talking about things like heart disease, cancer, stroke, all of these causes of death seem to be reduced if you have a moderate, not a low carb intake. We’re learning that the plant based diet is the best thing to do,” Dr. Raj said.

Another contributor for Today, nutritionist Joy Bauer, came on the show to share her own tips at weight loss through a plant-based diet, including great recipes that burn fat and increase energy.