Katy Perry Mocks Justin Bieber After Burrito Fiasco

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Katy Perry was one of the few who didn’t fall for Justin Bieber’s burrito eating prank, according to reports from E! Online.

Last week Bieber went viral after a photo leaked of the pop singer eating a burrito from the middle was posted on Reddit. The photo garnered a massive amount of debate, with some even suggesting that Bieber’s style of eating was influenced by his upbringing in Canada, where burritos were likely to be scarce, while others commended Bieber in his constant quest to be a trendsetter and expressed interest in trying out the new style of eating.

Days later, the photo was revealed to have been a prank by the comedy group Yes Theory, with actor and Bieber-lookalike Brad Sousa taking the part of the burrito-eating Bieber. In order to match the appearance of Bieber, Sousa underwent a makeover where he was given a matching wig and tattoos in an effort to make the prank more authentic. The prank group also had Sousa take part in a video where he stopped his car in the middle of traffic in order to help an old woman across the street, all while maintaining the appearance of Bieber.

Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun played along by posting the same photo to his own Instagram before exposing the prank with another Instagram post over the weekend. The second post included the pranksters and paid respect to their ability to go viral.

Braun wrote in a caption for the post, “Well done to the @yestheory guys… but you can never prank a prankster… as for everyone else…#itisnotJustin.”

In the comments for Braun’s post, Perry took part, revealing that she didn’t fall for the prank either, with a hilarious explanation why.

Perry called out Bieber’s long-haired style by posting on Tuesday, “I knew it wasn’t the hair was too clean.”


Perry’s snarky comment may have had a greater effect on Bieber than she expected because that very same day the pop superstar took to social media to reveal that he had actually shaved his head, as was previously covered by the Inquisitr.

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While Perry was quick to joke about Bieber’s appearance, she obviously still has a lot of love for the pop superstar, based on a recent Instagram post.

The American Idol judge was posed in front of a picture of Bieber juxtaposing her role on the television show with Bieber’s reputation as a teen idol.