Neil Patrick Harris And His Family Rule Halloween Again As Happy Haunts From The Haunted Mansion [Photo]

Danny Cox

Neil Patrick Harris and husband, David Burtka, are true professionals in every sense of the word — they just don’t seem to fail at anything that they attempt.

Lovers of Disney and of good times, the family has revealed their costumes for Halloween this year, and they are absolutely spectacular. This year, NPH and Burtka took the costumes for their family to awesome levels as they paid tribute to The Haunted Mansion.

It is no surprise that Harris and his family love Disney, as they often take trips to both coasts to visit Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Almost every year, Neil Patrick Harris is one of the celebrity narrators for the Candlelight Processional. The Candlelight Processional is held each Christmas season at Epcot.

This year, the family pulled out all of the stops for Halloween once again, and incorporated their love of Disney into the affair in the process. Costumes of Disney characters are hard to make unique — as there will always be so many each year — but if done in a big way, you increase your odds of standing out from the crowd.

Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka, and their eight-year-old twins — Harper Grace and Gideon Scott — made sure to stand out. They took signs from The Haunted Mansion attraction in Disneyland and in Walt Disney World to create some happy haunts that thrill and chill.

David Burtka shared a picture of the family to Instagram, illustrating their costumes.

Set in a spooky graveyard, smoke rises behind all of them. Also present is a smiling ghost, who is only a small part of the epic snapshot.

Harper Grace stands in front, playing the role of the sinister bride from Haunted Mansion who goes by the name of Constance. Don’t let the pretty face fool you — she’s in this for the long run and will love you “in sickness… and in…wealth.”

Behind her are the three Hitchhiking Ghosts, who will follow you home when you’re done riding through the famous attraction.

As detailed by People, Burtka is on the left, and is dressed as The Traveler. The Traveler is better known to most Disney fans as Phineas. In the middle is Neil Patrick Harris, who perfectly brings The Skeleton — a.k.a Ezra — to life. Finally, Gideon Scott looks incredibly awesome as The Prisoner, who is also known as Gus.

Harris posted a link to the pic on his Twitter account as well, and said that it “combines two of my all time loves: my family and Disney’s Haunted Mansion.”

If you’re looking to win Halloween with your creativity and costumes, you will certainly have quite the bar to clear this spooky season. Neil Patrick Harris and his family know how to do it right, and they absolutely killed it this year with their Haunted Mansion costumes.