Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Finish Royal Tour With A Trek Over A Suspension Bridge In New Zealand Forest

The royal tour is over for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex in forest.
David Rowland / Getty Images

The royal tour is over for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry communed with nature during the last day of their royal tour. The pair made stops in Australia, Fiji, Tonga, and now New Zealand. For their farewell day, they spent time trekking through a forest full of giant trees and walking across suspension bridges.

The pregnant duchess had no trouble at all taking a long walk with her husband on Wednesday as part of the Redwoods Treewalk Rotorua. According to a report by People, Meghan and Harry walked across suspension bridges and took to the trails walking hand in hand with plenty of 117-year-old Redwood trees surrounding them. The duke and duchess may have looked like any tourist visiting the whimsical forest, but they were treated with quite the royal tour around the woods as they took in the sights and learned about the history of the place.

Meghan Markle was ready for the elements that nature could bring as she wore a comfortable outfit to walk around in. The expectant mom donned a pair of black skinny jeans and black flats. She paired the outfit with a blue Givenchy sweater and a matching Norrono lightweight jacket. She kept her long hair out of her face during the trek through the forest by sweeping it up into her traditional bun.

One of the suspension bridges took them to a round stand that wrapped around one of the trees where the royal couple learned more about the history of the forest. They also met with a few members of the biking community who were invited to meet Meghan and Harry.

At one point of the walkabout, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stood on a platform that overlooked a stream of blue water called the Geothermal Pond in the middle of the lush greenery surrounding it. They stood there together taking it all in.

Meghan Markle is expecting her first baby with Prince Harry in the spring. The announcement was made right before they took off on the 16-day royal tour. The duchess had to cut back on a few of the activities with Harry going alone, but for the most part, she has continued with most of them on the tour.

This walk through the Redwoods forest may have been the perfect last stop of their whirlwind tour. They have had quite the busy schedule from hanging out at Bondi Beach in Australia to taking part in the hongi, which is a traditional Māori greeting where two people press their nose and foreheads together. They will be spending the next few months getting ready for their royal baby in between their royal duties.