Ariana Grande & James Corden Celebrate Halloween In A Haunted Escape Room

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Ariana Grande and The Late, Late Show host James Corden were getting in the Halloween spirit together with a trip to a terrifying escape room. Per Entertainment Tonight, during a recent segment on the CBS talk show, James and Ariana headed inside an escape room for a horror-filled adventure as they tried to solve puzzles to make their way out.

“I love being scared. I think it’s so much fun,” Grande told the host during the October 30 episode of the show, which prompted the twosome to head inside an escape room, which the host admitted he’d never done before.

But it wasn’t just any escape room that the twosome took on together, as it was pretty creepy in time for the holiday on October 31.

“You told me this was an escape room, not hell,” Ariana joked, as the room instantly went dark when they entered and had to be filmed with a night vision camera.

The duo then had to work their way through a number of seriously scary puzzles in order to finally escape the room, while they were also being bombarded with jump scares that had them screaming while also having to complete a horror maze.

After completing one of the tasks, the duo was then scared by an actor dressed as a ghost who jumped out at them, prompting Grande to scream that she thought they were a “b***h!” for scaring her.

Grande and Corden didn’t have a whole lot of luck while attempting to solve the puzzles and were later scared by a mysterious figure that crawled around on its hands and feet. Things also got so scary at one point that Ariana ended up falling to the floor.

After the ordeal was finally over for the singer and the host, Ariana declared, “That’s not an escape room. That’s one of the seven gates to hell.”

Ariana Grande & James Corden take on a terrifying Escape Room together for Halloween
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But while she may not have been a massive fan of her scary experience with James on the late-night talk show, Ariana’s made no secret of her love for all things scary in the past, previously admitting on numerous occasions that Halloween is her favorite of the holidays.

In an interview with Elle earlier this year, Grande admitted that Halloween is a huge deal for her and always was when she was growing up, while also admitting that she had a tendency as a child to gravitate towards some pretty dark things.

“I did the house up in things that would give normal children nightmares,” Grande’s mom Joan told the site of how she would celebrate Halloween with her daughter and son when they were younger. “I would go to the butcher, get heart organs or lungs, and then be like, ‘Ariana, Frankie, this is a heart.’”

“The kids would paint blood on the walls,” she continued. “I remember Ariana’s little handprints.”