How Meghan Markle Is ‘Reinventing’ Royal Protocol & What The Queen Reportedly Thinks About It, Per ‘Radar’

Fiona Goodall / StringerGetty Images

Meghan Markle has made a splash during her first international tour with Prince Harry. And as the Duchess proves that she’s a modern woman that is acclimating gracefully into the royal family, she continues to push the boundaries of royal protocol. According to Radar Online, it turns out that while Markle has been doing things that might seem atypical or could be frowned upon, it doesn’t sound like the Duchess has officially broken any protocols.

For example, Meghan and Harry have been displaying much more PDA than royal fans have gotten used to with Kate and William. Throughout the tour, the couple has been seen hugging, holding hands, with Meghan even caressing her husband.

Also, the Duchess has been making bold statements with her outfits. While she first wore very conservative outfits when she first joined the royal family, Meghan has since embraced a chic and modern look. This as included wearing jeans, pants, and bare-shouldered dresses.

And it’s also worth noting that Meghan’s influence has changed how Harry interacts with the public.

“Prior to this trip Harry often refused to do selfies but Meghan has done many on this trip, hugged kids, stayed longer at several locations and taken her time to talk to members of the public. Royal protocol is out of the window and Meghan is bringing a fresh new look for the 21st century.”

All of this appears to have had a positive impact so far, as the royals appear to have a better connection with the general public.

Moreover, Meghan’s tendency to hug others seems to have rubbed off on Harry. For example, he was seen hugging participants at the Invictus Games.

And while some may believe that Meghan might be angering the Queen with all of these things, a source insisted otherwise.

“What Harry and Meghan are doing are a continuation of what Will and Kate are doing. They are not breaking protocol so to speak. They are modernizing it. It is no secret that the Queen has taken quite a liking to Meghan. The Majesty is quite happy to see Harry and Meghan doing their own thing.”

This all sounds like good news. And this “modernization” of the monarchy was predicted by none other than Meghan’s dad, who at one point said that “The royal family has taken her back to the 1930s, and it’s ridiculous,” according to Insider. That was long before the Duchess stepped out in any form-fitting outfits. After all, at one point, there were rumors that Harry shut down Meghan’s wishes to wear a tux to an official event because he didn’t want her to wear pants instead of a skirt.