Ireland Baldwin Goes Braless In Unbuttoned Shirt On Instagram

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Ireland Baldwin has been busy sharing some racier photos on Instagram lately, and she kept things up with a third photo where she posed braless in an unbuttoned shirt. In the photo, Ireland looked straight at the camera as she wore a white top. She grabbed the top of the shirt in order to censor the photo, but showcased her curves.

The model also shared a topless photo earlier, which she also prefaced with a photo of her waist down in some lingerie and thigh-high boots. And when Ireland shared the topless picture, she took some time to directly address her haters and told them to unfollow her if they wanted to criticize her choices.

Baldwin appeared to be in Halloween spirit as she captioned the picture, “Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?” Fans gave their own answers to the question, including “his heart wasn’t in it” and “because he had no body to cross with him.”

Ireland also wore only a little makeup to accentuate her features, including some basic eyeshadow and mascara.

In an earlier post, the model noted that it’s taken her a long time to get to this point of loving her body. This is because she unfortunately battled with eating disorders in her past.

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In other news, Baldwin also revealed how she feels about her famous cousin Hailey’s increasing success, according to Hollywood Life.

“She’s always been such a character that I think her being as public as she is now, and doing all the campaigns and the jobs and covers and whatever it is she’s doing, I think it’s just really exciting to see her getting all these things. I’m so proud of her.”

Hailey’s increasing popularity might be attributed to her new husband, Justin Bieber. But Ireland has known Hailey since they were kids, and it’s obvious that she thinks highly of her and at the same time gets along with her too.

For now, fans can look forward to new posts by Ireland. In addition to the lingerie photos, she’s shared a sultry snap while wearing a low-cut dress. The chic piece was a bright green shade and fit her well. It had two straps, and she sat on a swing. Recently, Kim Kardashian also shared a photo of herself on a swing, except she wore a bright-colored bikini and was in Bali. Fans praised Baldwin, letting her know that she looked “so pretty!” and “stunning.”