Chrissy Metz Discusses How The Real Life Struggles Shown On ‘This Is Us’ Might Be A Source Of Hope To Others

'This Is Us' actress Chrissy Metz believes that the storyline of the show will provide hope for those who might be going through similar issues.

Chrissy Metz Looks On
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'This Is Us' actress Chrissy Metz believes that the storyline of the show will provide hope for those who might be going through similar issues.

A new episode of the hit show This Is Us, will be coming out Tuesday night. Before it airs, actress Chrissy Metz provided the Today show with her take of last week’s episode. Chrissy’s character on the show, Kate Pearson, has had ongoing struggles with pregnancy throughout the season. The show has followed Kate’s journey as she tried to get pregnant and then experienced a heartbreaking miscarriage. The pain of the miscarriage was portrayed through captivating acting by both Metz and her on-screen partner Chris Sullivan, who plays Toby Damon. The episode struck a chord in many viewers hearts, especially those who have experienced similar heartbreak in their own lives.

In just last week’s episode, Metz’s character received the joy-filled news that she had at last gotten pregnant. Though Kate Pearson is simply a fictional character, her on-show struggles are very much a reality for many viewers. Metz is hoping that Kate overcoming her pregnancy struggles will offer comfort to those who are still in the midst of this sort of pain. Metz discussed how many women might feel they are alone in their infertility issues and might not want to bring it up to others. However, it can be comforting to know that someone else is going through or has made it through problems similar to your own. The relatable aspect that the character of Kate Pearson offers to women everywhere is invaluable.

“I don’t think we feel like we can ever bring it up (off-screen),” Metz said of the subject of infertility. “And how do you bring it up and where? I’ve gotten so many messages from people who’ve shared, you know, ‘I went through the same thing your character did, and hopefully it’s a better turn out for you.’ People just completely divulge their sweetest and their deepest, darkest secrets.”

This Is Us is offering many women more than just a source of entertainment in the form of a television series. For many, it is offering a sense of hope and the knowledge that many have endured problems similar to their own. In watching Kate persist through the ordeal and come out on the other side, many women have already begun viewing the topic with a new perspective. Some women have even shared their experiences with infertility with Metz in heartfelt posts and messages.

“One woman actually said to me yesterday that (last season’s painful) episode helped her to get through when her IVF didn’t take,” Metz recalled. “And that it brought her hope, because she knew she could get through it because Kate did.”

Metz says that the power of This Is Us, is that everyone can relate to it in some way. Everyone can find something of value to take away from the experiences shared on the show.