Emily Ratajkowski Goes Topless On Instagram & Doesn’t Want To Make A ‘Big Deal’

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Emily Ratajkowski, no stranger to revealing Instagram posts, went topless in her new photo, only censoring herself with her right hand. Her hair covered the right side of her face, as she sported large dangle earrings that were teardrop-shaped. The model also wore some lip liner, as she pouted for the camera. In the captions, Emily said, “Don’t want to make a big deal of it or anything… but some new stuff is coming soon. We’re excited.”

And by “stuff,” she was referring to a new shipment of swimsuits for her online store. In addition to acting and modeling, Emrata owns and operates a swimwear business called Inamorata. She designs and promotes it, and often models pieces from the line.

Some fans were also excited to hear the news, although others focused mainly on the photo.

In other news, Ratajkowski gave an interview to Teen Vogue and talked about the difference between modeling today versus in the ’90s.

“It’s pretty amazing now. I’m lucky enough to spend time with supermodels from the 90’s and talk to them about their experiences, and they had no control over their image at all — they were completely at the mercy of fashion editors, photographers, and everyone else except themselves.”

Since then, thanks to the advent of social media, models have new ways to stay in touch with their fans. Not only that, but some people have been able to establish giant followings and modeling careers solely off platforms like Instagram.

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Emily, for example, has over 20.1 million fans on Instagram. She’s built a solid fan base that’s come to know her well.

Additionally, the model had some thoughts about France’s new modeling regulations. One requires models to submit a doctor’s note showing that they’re a healthy weight, but Emily isn’t so sure that it’s being followed or enforced.

“I love all those ideas, but I have to be honest — coming off of fashion week, there are still girls who are definitely under BMI laws and definitely under 18.”

Of course, Emily’s only stating her opinions and it’s hard to know whether it’s true or not. But she certainly is an insider in the industry, so that’s certainly worth noting.

Meanwhile, Emrata is keeping her fans on their toes with new pictures all the time. Her recent photos include a cute selfie in a mirror wearing a yellow dress, as well as one promoting a perfume.