Kim Kardashian Shows Off Insanely Fit Body In Hot Pink Bikini

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Once again, Kim Kardashian is showing off her incredible body… and can you really blame her?

A short time ago, Kim reportedly took a series of bikini photos with photographer Marcus Hyde, who was recently involved in a scary car accident. In the images published by the Daily Mail, Kardashian sports a teeny neon pink bikini that leaves very little to the imagination.

The shoot recently took place in Bali with Hyde behind the lens. Kardashian shows off her toned and tanned body in a revealing pink bikini that shows off plenty of underboob. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star wears her long, dark locks slicked back along with a big pair of aviator sunglasses.

In some of the images, Kardashian poses by the water, and in others, she playfully swings on a beachside swing set. According to the publication, Kim’s daughter North West was also on location at the shoot with her mom along with Kourtney Kardashian and Kourtney’s ex-boyfriend Scott Disick and their three kids.

While she wasn’t working, Kim appeared to be having a ton of fun on board a yacht, even jumping from the side of the large vessel down into the sea just below her. And the sexy photos surfaced following the news that Kim’s longtime photographer, Marcus Hyde, was involved in a horrible car accident.

As the Inquisitr reported earlier today, the reality star recently spoke out about her photographer and good friend after he was badly injured in a serious car crash on Monday morning. Kim took to her Twitter account to send the photographer her well wishes for a speedy recovery.

“I’m trying to find the perfect picture but I don’t want to share them. We were saving these for our book,” she wrote in the tweet. “Angels are surrounding you. I’m praying so hard for you. Please be ok. Please come back.” Along with the heartfelt caption, Kardashian also shared a photo of Hyde walking on the beach as his back was facing the camera. “Please pray for my friend,” Kim captioned the image.

The tweet has already earned Kardashian a lot of attention from her millions of Instagram followers with over 3,600 favorites, 345 retweets, and 120 comments and growing. Following the post with the photo and prayers for Hyde, Kardashian also shared another photo of herself and daughter North West that Hyde took.

In the photo, Kim sports the same neon pink bikini that she wore in the earlier images as she walks on the beach and holds her daughter’s hand.

Hopefully Hyde can pull through because it seems as though he is a very important person to many.