Kym Herjavec Dresses Twins As Koalas In Latest Halloween Costume Post

Kym Johnson Herjavec and Robert Herjavec attend the 2017 G'Day Black Tie Gala
John Sciulli / Getty Images for RS/TV, Inc.

Former Dancing with the Stars pro Kym Johnson Herjavec is having a ton of fun getting her twin babies Hudson and Haven ready for Halloween. She has already shared a few possible costume ideas, but she has admitted that she is having a tough time making a decision because there are so many cute options available. Now, in her latest Instagram post, she shared another too-cute-to-miss possibility.

As the Inquistr recently shared, Kym Herjavec has previously shown Hudson and Haven dressed in pumpkin costumes as well as in tiger and lion costumes. To welcome the month of October, she had the babies dressed as a pineapple and a strawberry too. In her latest Instagram post, the former Dancing with the Stars dancer is sticking with an animal theme again, but she didn’t choose anything ferocious this time.

This week, Herjavec shared an adorable shot showing Hudson and Haven both wearing a koala costume. The twins, who just turned 6-months-old, both look pretty tickled with this costume. Fans loved this one, noting that the babies looked adorable and precious.

This time, Kym also shared short video clips via her Instagram Stories showing both Hudson and Haven in the koala costume. The baby giggles were contagious and it’s clear that Kym was getting quite the kick out of seeing her babies dressed up as koalas. Granted, it may help that both Kym and koalas are from Australia.

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My Koalas ???? ???? #Halloween ????????

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It is easy to see why Kym is having a tough time deciding on costumes for Hudson and Haven’s first Halloween. Baby costumes are usually pretty cute as it is, but then when you have twins to dress, the adorable options are virtually endless. Herjavec is obviously having a blast playing around with ideas, just as she has been having a blast being a first-time mom to her precious twin babies.

What will Kym and husband Robert Herjavec ultimately dress Hudson and Haven as for their first Halloween? While the Dancing with the Stars lovebirds may go with one of the ideas she has already shared, many fans suspect that she has something else ready to share for Halloween itself.

The former Dancing with the Stars personality does a great job of keeping her fans updated on the latest developments with Hudson and Haven, and her followers love every post. Ultimately, Herjavec can’t really go wrong when it comes to choosing the costumes for her twins to wear for their first Halloween, as they are adorable in everything she tries on them. Kym is sure to share some pictures as the family celebrates on Wednesday and fans can’t wait to see her updates.