‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Model Kate Wasley Posts Instagram Bikini Video Revealing Her Body Photoshopped

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While the social media platform Instagram is now filled with “influencers” and “Instagram stars,” mostly young women who build followings by posing in bikinis and other revealing outfits, as Inquisitr has often covered, Kate Wansley — an Instagram model who graduated to the pages of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue — is publicly pulling back the curtain to reveal the secrets behind how Instagram personalities make themselves appear superhumanly sexy on the site.

And she’s doing it on Instagram. Wansley, a 24-year-old from Australia, posted a video on Monday showing in detail how Photoshop is used to digitally alter Instagram images to make women’s bodies appear flawless, and using her own bikini-clad body as an example, as The Daily Mail reported.

“In the video, not only has Kate’s physique been slimmed down, but she has also highlighted her cheekbones, got rid of any cellulite and enhanced the size of her breasts,” The Mail described.

Wasley rose to fame as a “plus size” model and advocate for body positivity, who ran the blog Any Body Co. She said in the text accompanying her video that she hoped that giving away the digital tricks behind Instagram beauty and bikini shots would help other women to avoid comparing their own bodies to the women they see on the platform.


“It takes so little time to alter a photo & so little time to compare yourself to the altered reality we constantly see on Instagram. It might be photoshop, it might be a pose, it might be that the person your comparing yourself to is a completely different build &body type to you,” she wrote. “When you compare yourself to someone online you’re probably thinking of yourself at your worst & you’re comparing that to someone’s best fragments of their life that they choose to share with the world.”

“Everyone compares themselves in one way or another but so often it isn’t a fair fight. Instagram isn’t real life.”

Wasley has also posted about what she sees as the unhealthy obsession with dieting, posting a “before and after” Instagram shot of herself while on a strict diet, and after giving up her dieting fixation.

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Welcome to my different kind of before and after. before left: after right. And before anyone jumps and tells me I was healthier on the left, here's why I wasn't and here is why I firmly believe that HEALTH COMES IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES. So in high school I was quite over weight, at least 8-10kgs heavier than I am now on the right. I used to get a lot of comments about how I'd be 'hot' if I lost weight and that I had such a pretty face etc. people weren't necessarily mean to my face but the little comments stung as I was only 17 and the way I looked and what people thought of me was still a big deal. So one day after a teacher told me I front of all my friends that I 'probably wasn't as fit as I could be' and the same teacher on a different occasion telling me I was a 'good wind block' for my cold friend, I decided it was time for a change and I was sick of people subtlety making me feel like shit, about my weight. I was never an overly self conscious teenager, subtle comments stung for a little bit and then I'd brush them off because I knew deep down that I was doing nothing for my health by eating pizza every day, drinking a litre of ice coffee and never exercising. Though this behaviour makes me cringe now because I know the effect that behaviour has on your insides, over all I was happy and I didn't really know where to start when it came to weight loss. So onto my weight loss story: I started dieting HARD. I spoke to a few of the girls in my year who I'd look at and think were absolutely STUNNING. Like never in a million years would I think they had to change anything or lose weight, but it's true that we are our own worst critic, maybe because of all the images of the 'one size fits all when it comes to health/beauty ' bs that we are fed every day via the media/social media, but that's for another post ;) So I got what I needed from these girls in my year and a quick google and started my very first diet that was the 'detox' it consisted of something ridiculous like 800 calories and a DISGUSTING juice with every meal that the cheap box and my one google search had convinced me was healthy and give me the body I desired. TBC IN COMMENTS

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In another earlier post, seen above, Wasley asked her fans, “Does life truly start when you’re at your goal weight? When you lose the few extra kilos, get rid of the stretch marks or your cellulite disappears? Is that when you’ll be truly happy? Is that when life will be complete and you’ll be successful and beautiful? Are they the most important things in your life? unless the weight is posing risk to your health — the answer is probably not.”