Sarah Palin Says People Need God, Not Gun Control After Pittsburgh Shooting

Justin SullivanGetty Images

Sarah Palin refused to concede that firearms are a contributing factor to the nation’s growing tide of mass shootings on Monday, October 29, choosing instead to lean on the common narrative that poses it not the trigger that kills, but the person who pulls it. Therefore the masses need to look to a higher being and not legislation to quell such evil, she says.

Palin shared her perspective on the gun-violence epidemic with a TMZ reporter she happened to cross paths with at LAX airport early in the day. The 54-year-old Alaska politician initially appeared intent upon dodging the subject – given she had been asked to share her thoughts on her beloved President Trump’s response to the tragedy. But, after declaring that she didn’t want to further politicize the President’s assertion that armed worshippers may have been able to stop nearly a dozen people from being killed, Palin did open up to speak her piece.

“The darkness has to flee when the light switch is turned on. And people are asking today, ‘Well, where is the light, what is this light?'” she said as she fleshed out her opinion on what the only answer to the problem could be. “You have to go back to the founders of our nation who understood it’s the Good Book that is God Almighty who is the light and when we invoke God’s protection and his blessing, it’s a matter of the heart,” said Palin.


Palin then went on to contest the notion that President Trump and his highly-charged rhetoric ought to bear some responsibility for 11 lives being lost to the anti-semitic attack. The way she sees it, the blame should be placed squarely on 46-year-old Tree Of Life synagogue shooter, Robert Gregory Bowers, for his actions.

Time magazine reports that the road towards serving Bowers justice for those actions began as he kicked the week off in court, where he signed paperwork and was informed that opposing lawyers will state their case against him during a preliminary hearing set to take place later on in the week. According to reports, the federal prosecution has reached out to Jeff Sessions to request the ability to seek the death penalty in the case.

Bowers is likely to be brought up on hate crime charges, as he is recalled screaming “all Jews must die” from the moment he barged in through the synagogue’s doors and opened fire – until he was received by doctors at Allegheny General Hospital.