‘The Young And The Restless’ Fans Feel Ashley Abbott Faked Inheritance Document

Johnny Vy/CBS

Fans of The Young and the Restless hated seeing Ashley Abbott hop on a plane to Paris and leave Genoa City, her family, and Jabot.

Ever since actress Eileen Davidson announced her departure from the show, viewers have realized something would cause Ashley to be written out of the storyline. However, nobody predicted that Ashley would trick Jack (Peter Bergman) into believing that John Abbott wasn’t his biological father. The move seemed entirely out of character for Ashley. Plus, add in detail about Ashley conspiring to knock Billy (Jason Thompson) out of the CEO chair, and it’s clear that Ashley harbored some severe issues with her siblings all these years.

Now, according to the Inquisitr‘s Y&R recap for Monday, Ashley left with her Jabot patents to start a brand new competing company in Paris called “My Beauty.”

One savvy viewer had an exciting theory echoed by many fans of the show. Facebook user, Carla Joslin Sebastian, wrote, “I think Ashley left on the plane feeling she had pulled off the biggest coup ever. She was smiling and smirking and did not look sad at all. I do not believe those papers are real or legitimate. I think she has figured out a way to gain control due to a lie she somehow created.”

As for how Dina (Marla Adams) was the only person to know about the safe, Ashley already showed she could use Dina to further her revenge by planting the entire idea that Jack was illegitimate. Dina believed it so much that she even said something about it on video when Abby (Melissa Ordway) interviewed her. What would’ve stopped Ashley from setting up forged documents and planting all the details in Dina’s mind? It doesn’t seem like that much of a stretch. With all the recent work at Jabot, it’s even possible that Ashley could have had the safe added surreptitiously.

Another fan agreed with this possibility. Linda Kiser Campbell wrote, “I also believe Ashley put those papers in that wall safe! She spent time with Dina making her think she & John left the patents to Ashley! She pulled the biggest scam ever!”

Jack shredded the document after Kyle (Michael Mealor) started to do the deed. Given that Traci (Beth Maitland) pieced it back together out of the shredded pieces, it would be tough for the lawyers to verify the integrity of such papers fully.

For now, Jabot is in damage control, and Jack will work hard to iron things out, according to Y&R spoilers from the Inquisitr. Perhaps Ashley owning all her patents for products she created at Jabot could become null and void at a later date if Jack and Jabot fight it further.