A Bat Like Negan’s From ‘The Walking Dead’ Is Discovered In An Abandoned Car, Jeffrey Dean Morgan Responds

Gene PageAMC

Deadly weapons including one that looks suspiciously like the bat used by Negan in AMC’s The Walking Dead were discovered in an abandoned car in England on October 28. While it is unclear what the planned usage of these weapons was, local police are just relieved that they were “taken off the streets.”

According to the report posted to Essex Police’s official Facebook page, PC Glensman and PC Britton were “patrolling South Ockendon in the early hours on Sunday, 28th October when a vehicle failed to stop.” After pursuing the vehicle, the suspects managed to evade police but their abandoned car was eventually located and identified as a stolen vehicle.

However, what they found inside the stolen car was particularly disturbing.

Several weapons were discovered inside the vehicle, according to BBC News. Included was one bearing a striking resemblance to Negan’s bat, Lucille, which is covered in barbed wire. In The Walking Dead TV series, Negan regularly uses his barb-wired bat to intimidate others into doing his bidding. For those that refuse to bow to his reign, the bat then seals their fate and Negan uses it to kill them, setting a terrifying example for those who remain.

“Some nasty items were found inside, including one that might seem familiar to Walking Dead fans,” Glensman wrote.

“It’s reassuring to know these weapons have been taken off the streets and an investigation will now begin in order to identify those responsible.”

Other weapons found in the haul include a double-edged knife in a black holster and a metal bar with what appears to be tape on one end.

The initial tweet by PC Paul Glensman tagged Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan in The Walking Dead TV series.


The star responded by stating that he was in Georgia in the U.S. at the time of the discovery.

“I’m in Georgia USA!!” Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s tweet stated.

“Thank you, we will eliminate you from our inquiries,” PC Glensman responded.

As yet, there are no further details in relation to the stolen vehicle or the driver. In addition, it is unclear just what purpose these weapons held for the driver of the stolen vehicle.

The items do appear to be actual weapons and not replicas or those that might be purchased for cosplay outfits or memorabilia collections for shows such as AMC’s The Walking Dead. However, needless to say, it appears the intent of these weapons was likely nefarious.