Julianne Hough Is Halloween-Ready In Pink Hair And A See-Through Top

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Julianne Hough is ready for Halloween, and fans are excited to see her skimpy outfit.

The former Dancing With The Stars pro took to Instagram on Monday to give followers a glimpse of her outfit, which consists of a bright pink wig, bright red lipstick, and a very revealing see-through top. It’s not immediately clear what look Julianne is going for, but fans seemed to love the picture she shared.

Whatever the Halloween costume is supposed to be, it seems that Julianne is trying to match with friend and actress Nina Dobrev. Just a few hours before Julianne took to Instagram to show off her costume, Nina posted her own picture wearing what appeared to be an identical pink wig.

The two are famously close, and earlier this year Nina told People magazine that when Julianne decides to have kids, she’s ready to take a hands-on role.

“I’ll just go from best friend to babysitter,” said Dobrev, who appeared with her friend for the People’s The Beautiful Issue.

As Julianne Hough noted, the two are already loving parents to their dogs.

“We’re already parents, we already have kids,” Julianne said. “They’re just furry kids.”

“We’re those moms that take our kids everywhere,” she added. “I think that’s how we’ll be in the future, too.”

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Nina’s dog actually made an appearance in her Halloween photo as her costume took a little more shape than Hough’s. Both Nina and her dog wore unicorn costumes.

Though the front view of Nina’s costume may have looked pretty normal overall, a side view revealed that the unicorn head was pretty enormous.

While Julianne Hough is getting some viral attention for her racy Halloween costume, she has already garnered attention for another recent look. Earlier this month, she debuted a new look as she chopped off her once-long locks and sported a shorter hairstyle. As OK! Magazine noted, Julianne debuted the look at the GLAAD Presents “BEYOND” Spirit Day Concert.

Julianne Hough had taken to Instagram to debut the new look, explaining that she wanted a change from her bright red hairstyle she had been sporting for some months beforehand.

“So here is a new look, courtesy of frizzy ends needing a clean cut after going from red to blonde,” she wrote.

It’s not clear what Julianne Hough and Nina Dobrev have planned for Halloween, but they are apparently ready to coordinate. And this time, the pink hairstyle appears to be less than permanent for Julianne.