Susan Lucci Admits She Fasted For Two Days So She Could Wear Skintight Leather Dress To Celebrity Party

The soap opera legend suffered for fashion so she could 'shimmy' into a super tight leather gown earlier this year.

Susan Lucci posing at the Icons Awards
Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

The soap opera legend suffered for fashion so she could 'shimmy' into a super tight leather gown earlier this year.

Susan Lucci has been a style icon for four decades, but even she has suffered for fashion. In a video posted by Page Six, the All My Children icon recounted some of her top fashion moments, including a super tight leather dress she had to “shimmy” into earlier this year.

Even at age 71, Susan Lucci sizzles on the red carpet. The Emmy-winning soap star told Page Six that when she wore a black leather dress to the Harper’s Bazaar icons party last month, she had to fast for two days before because she feared she wouldn’t be able to “shimmy” her way out of it once she got it on. The admission is a surprising one for the petite soap opera legend, who has long been known for her fit physique.

While Susan Lucci did not elaborate on what her fast consisted of, the daytime TV icon previously revealed her biggest diet “secret” to the site Gluten Free & More back in 2015.

“After my two cups of coffee in the morning, I drink hot water and lemon the rest of the day. I feel it boosts my metabolism, balances out my system, which leads to a stronger immune system, and hydrates, which is great for my skin. Drinking hot water and lemon is also a great alternative to taking in too much caffeine. It’s really central to my healthy eating regimen. If I have a secret weapon, that would be it.”

Based on the photos of her skintight leather dress, the 71-year-old star must have had her coffee, hot lemon water, and not much else in the days before the Icons gala.

Susan Lucci has also been known to pose in a bikini, even as a septuagenarian. In a recent Harper’s Bazaar cover story, Lucci revealed that she posted a bikini selfie for the first time just two years ago at age 69 after a vacation to St. Bart’s with her husband of nearly 50 years.

“I put on a bikini, my husband took some pictures, and a friend of mine said, ‘You need to post this shot on Instagram!'”

Lucci, who will turn 72-years-old on December 23, also revealed that she feels better now than she did during her early days as a young actress on the ABC soap.

“I feel as good now as I ever did in my 20s and 30s, maybe even better physically,” Lucci said.

Susan Lucci credits a two-decade devotion to Pilates for changing her life, and she used also uses the Pilates Pro Chair for full-body workouts and cardio. Ina addition, Lucci says she “rarely” eats desserts, snacks, or carbs and instead makes sandwiches on sliced tomatoes instead of bread. Lucci also limits her alcohol to one glass of champagne when she goes out and she never drinks at home.