Victoria’s Secret Model Georgia Fowler Shows Off Toned Bod In Sports Bra & Leggings On Instagram

Ben Gabbe / StringerGetty Images

Victoria’s Secret model, Georgia Fowler, shared a gym snap on Instagram today, and she was looking great. She wore a VS sports bra and black leggings, as she showcased her toned body and flat abs. Georgia captioned the picture with some insight into her gym time as she prepares for the VS fashion show. In the background, you can see different workout stations, as she took the photo in a mirror with an intricate frame. This is what Georgia said.

“With a week of five a.m. call times, travel, and long shoot days it’s taken some real application and dedication to get my butt into the gym each day. But working towards my goal and hope I’m spreading some motivation to you all, so you FEEL your best -looking better is just the side effect.”

Her fans loved the honesty in the captions and the way she looked in the photo. One person left her a long message calling her “inspirational,” while others encouraged her hard work and dedication. One fan simply said, “rad shot!” while another told her to “keep it up!”

Fowler also took to Insta stories to share a post with details of all of the workout routines she completed, and once you read the long list, you’ll think it’s no wonder that she looks so fit. The workout included lunges with weights, arm rows, and plie front squats.

And while Fowler looks super busy at the gym, she also shared a photo yesterday of her hanging out at what looks like the Grand Canyon. In the picture, the model wore some basic and natural-looking makeup, including a soft pink lip. She didn’t wear any jewelry, but wore her hair down and sported a simple white tank.

Even so, Georgia also shared an equally intense Insta story on Friday about her workout routines. This is what she said.

“After being up at 3.30 and shooting all day I really feel like a workout… once I started I then found some motivation to race down to the gym… and felt so much better for it.”

Obviously, she’s taking her fitness very seriously. Not many people would feel that motivated after such a long day, but Fowler doesn’t let anything stop her from completing her gym time. She’s also announced that she wanted to work on her running, since that was never her “forte” before, detailed the Daily Mail. Her goal was to run a mile in under seven and a half minutes.