Danny Amendola Hangs Out With Bikini Babe That Isn’t Olivia Culpo

Danny Amendola was photographed soaking up the sun with a mysterious girl this weekend who wasn't his girlfriend.

Olivia Culpo and Danny Amendola
Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Danny Amendola was photographed soaking up the sun with a mysterious girl this weekend who wasn't his girlfriend.

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Danny Amendola appeared to make the most of his weekend off by hitting the beach for a little rest and relaxation. TMZ obtained photos and a few short video clips of Danny hanging out with a cute girl in a bikini that wasn’t his girlfriend, Olivia Culpo.

While Amendola and the mysterious bikini babe didn’t appear to be “hooking up” or doing anything damaging to his relationship with Culpo, they did remain close to each other as they engaged in conversation, as TMZ points out.

In one of the video clips obtained by TMZ, Danny and the mysterious woman appeared to be placing an order while soaking up the sun. The two were also spotted going for a swim together. It is unclear whether there is trouble in paradise for Culpo and Amendola, or if he was just enjoying the weekend off at the beach with a friend.

Given the fact that Olivia was in L.A. just a day before these photos were snapped, it is unlikely she was with her boyfriend at the time.

While TMZ admits they have no idea who the woman is – and she could very well just be a friend of Danny (and possibly even Olivia too) – the media outlet noted there was no denying she really rocked the bikini she was wearing at the time.

Several individuals sharing the photos on Twitter couldn’t help but point out the fact that the mystery girl looked a lot like his girlfriend.

The duo have had an on-again-off-again relationship over the past two years with more of their relationship being on than off. Earlier this summer, Olivia and Danny rekindled their relationship after previously separating for a few months.

As Culpo’s 3.4 million Instagram followers would agree, there does not seem to be any trouble in paradise as far as their relationship is concerned. Just a week ago, Olivia shared a photo of herself and Danny curling up on the beach together.

“New and exclusive rock hard 6 pack temperpedic ab pillow, boyfriend not included,” Olivia penned in the caption of the photo.

In less than a week, the photo has accumulated over 370,000 likes and over 2,000 comments. The consensus in the comment section is that they are an adorable couple and should hold on to each other.

“So glad you’re together again,” one individual said.

“Beautiful Couple! Keep him,” a second chimed in.

While no one is really sure who the mysterious girl is, fans of this couple currently have no reason to fear the worst at this time.